Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Landon & his older cousin Jayden ( 11 months apart ) have become such great buds lately! Landon just adores Jayden!!!! Everything he says & does... Landon thinks is HILARIOUS! and they follow each other everywhere are are always hugging each other! its soo cute!!!

Here they are spending a afternoon at Jaydens house...going on a 4wheeler ride together!! :)

Landon loves baseball

Landon went to his 4th baseball game last week. (2 Cardinals games & 2 Grizzlies games)
Mom had a little free time & played around with picnik :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

growing boy!!

Landon is almost 11 months old!
& his appetite is just as big as he is!
He is eating everything that we eat & is loving it!!
We gave him ketchup for the 1st time this week & he now eats it with everything!!!
His favorite is chicken nuggets, french fries with of course, ketchup!!

Landon's 1st baseball game!

Mom & Dad decided its time to introduce baseball to Landon.. (other than on the TV..) SO! we took him to his 1st Cardinals game!! He did sooo good & really seemed to enjoy it!

Of course he didn't pay much attention to the game, but he was amazed by all the people & of course, Fredbird!

Here is a picture of his 1st Cardinals hat!! :)

This is our failed attempt at taking a family photo at the game!

My 1st Mothers Day!

Today was my 1st Mothers Day.. And I couldn't have imagined my day to be any better!!
Landon & Daddy picked out mommy a beautiful pair of diamond earrings! I am truly the luckiest mommy in the world! :)
We then had lunch at Applebee's with my mom, sister & her family, my grandma, 2 of my aunts & 2 of my uncles. We had a great time, It's so nice to get some family together every once in a while! Landon & Jayden had a blast at the end of the table, sharing food, toys & lots of laughs :))
Then later that evening we went to Brandi & Jason's house for a BBQ. I just love how much Landon & Jayden are starting to play with eachother.. Landon was sitting on Jayden's firetruck, & Jayden was pushing him all over the house! He sure is getting soo big!! :)

Landon has a girlfriend :)

This past Friday evening Dane, Landon & I met the Walter family at Tequilas.. The Walter's have a beautiful daughter Stella & Landon just adores her! :)