Wednesday, September 19, 2012


love the song.
love the video.
love eric church.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Alright. Promise I will do more posts than weekend wrap ups. During the week my life is pretty freaking boring though.
Anyways, I'm linking up with this pretty lady!
Thursday was this little lady's birthday!!!!!
 My little princess turned 1!!!
 be still my heart. time goes by way too fast.
and look how much Landon has thinned out in the past year. crazy! he was so chunky! :)
We spent the afternoon at Chuck e Cheese. 
Lay looked at him like 'W.T.F ARE YOU"
Seriously hilarious.
Lay loved all the games. there wasn't one she wouldn't do!
and of course we spent like 15 tokens in the photo booth
 after a long nap, both kids were wired and ready to party again at home.
Layla was so excited, she even took her first 2 steps to me.
 HAPPY MOMMA!!!!!!!!
but she hasn't taken any since. we will get there, Lay! ;)
Friday was the LB and Jason Aldean concert.
 I'm pretty sure me and my 2 sister's pregame was just as much fun as the concert.
 And of course I had to get a pic with M&R!! :)
 Oh, and of course Jason.
I was a little distracted during the Luke show. I ended up getting only 2 pics of him, and neither of them turned out. ahhh. Oh well.

 Saturday me and the babies shopped til we dropped. Literally. At the end of our shopping trip Landon couldn't even walk.
I bet next time he wont tell me no when I ask him if he wants to bring the double stroller.
We spent the night eating cereal, watching sprout, and cuddling. PERFECT night with my littles!

Sunday we headed to this little cuties 1st birthday party.
I don't know why it's showing so big, but that's OK. shes cute enough to take up the entire page! ;)
Happy Happy Birthday V! So glad we were able to share your big day with you!!!!
Hope everyone has a great week. Promise to get better at this blogging thing!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Exhausting weekend

Happy Monday!
I am absolutely exhausted. I could have slept ALL.DAY today!!
Boo for afternoon posts, but I haven't had the time to do a post today. Trying to get my work caught up from the weekend.
Lets link up with these pretties for a weekend wrap up!
Friday night I put my muscles to work. Then headed to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp. 1 hour wait with 2 kids. Most of you would think this is a terrible idea. BUT my kids freaking rock. Landon was mesmerized by the lobsters in the tank and Layla chowed on some gold fish. We were seated before we knew it!
And of course both kids chowed down!
{ doesn't Lay look so skinny here. She should keep her arms up more often!! ;) }
Then we headed to Wal-Mart for Landon to pick out Lay a birthday present. It was the cutest thing ever. Even tho tried buying her a dinosaur and a army helicopter..I had to tell him it had to be pink or purple.
He even handed the cashier the money, and she handed him $2 change and he was SOOO excited. He said "mommy, look at all these dollars she gave me!!!!!"
be still my heart. my little man is the sweetest!!!
Saturday we were up bright and early for the Jeremy Chambers Golf Tournament. Jeremy was a officer who was killed in the line of duty in 2006 so it's always a great time to see so many families come together as one!
I had the honor of driving the beer cart all day with my sister, Amber. We had a BLAST. Seriously, there is never a dull moment with us sisters.
Even when the horn gets stuck on in our golf cart and it disturbed 98% of the golfers. Sorry again Guys! :)
I also got to hang out with these lovelies who were following the hot guys golfing.
And I will be on a golf team next year. I've never golfed before, But it turns out I am freaking awesome! A few beers in me and I played a few holes for some guys i had no idea who they were. But I rocked it. I did so awesome the guys played the balls I hit instead of their own. Boooyah! Who knew I was good at golf?!?!?
Probably not a good sport for me though, I CANNOT BE QUIET for that long!!!
Our golf outing was cut a little short due to my drunk husband who decided to drive the golf cart a little rowdy and throw me and my sister off. onto the concrete.
Luckily all I got was road rash on my hands and knees. My poor sister ended up with a concussion and is sore from head to toe.
Damn drunks!
Sunday was PARTY DAY!
Crazy that my little lady is already turning 1!!!
(well on Thursday she will be 1)
love love love!!!
She is so big!!!
Big brother was a HUGE help with everything for the party. Especially opening the presents!
Family photo op
best 1 out of the 25 that were taken.

 A little sneak peek of our Creative Bent photo shoot.

Anna is incredible. and my kids are amazing.
Happy Momma!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!!