Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Long Super Mom!

So as I was driving to work today, listening to the usual, Cornbread on 92.3. He started talking about a letter written about supermom by a known writer, Lisa Quinn.
(About the Author, Lisa Quinn is a recovering Martha-holic, Emmy Award winning TV host, mother of two and the author of "Life's Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets; Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation"

Here is her letter:

I'll be honest with you. In my house, the beds are rarely made unless someone is coming to visit. Sometimes I yell. My closet is a disaster and I feel guilty that I work too much. My kids watch more TV than they should. There is a sticky shelf in my refrigerator that I keep hoping will evaporate on its own, and this morning I had to send my son off to camp with a PB&J made with frozen waffles because I forgot to buy bread.

I'm not perfect. There, I said it...

This whole supermom thing has become cliche, and frankly, I'm getting too old for it. It was a fascinating social experiment, watching the women's movement evolve from "you can have it all" to "you need to do it all (and do it all perfectly)". No, you can't. I'm calling B.S. Show me a woman who can do it all, and I'll show you a woman who has hired help (and something to prove). Supermom, as a subspecies, has outlived her usefulness. It is time for her to go.

Here's the thing: Perfection doesn't exist. Perfectionism is purely a mental, alienating, and unnatural state. It causes judgment and makes people feel bad. How can that be "a good thing"? We kid ourselves (and do a disservice to our kids) by thinking anything will ever be perfect. Everyone struggles at some point in life. It is our duty as moms to make sure our kids know that, and are prepared for the hurdles life is bound to throw them. Supermom may have the best-dressed, most mild-mannered, educated children ever, but mine know how to make their lunch, dress a wound, and pick a lock. Who's laughing now?

Just the other day, I was on a plane and saw Gwyneth Paltrow in this month's Vogue. She's striking a glamorous pose in her kitchen, preparing "easy!" locally grown, organic, vegan, after school snacks in an $865 Michael Kors crepe flounce skirt and 7-inch Louboutins. Her hair looks amazing, and there are a few toys tossed about (but not a kid to be found). Really Gwyneth? Is this how we're going to play? I didn't look that elegant at my wedding, dammit. Thanks for making me feel bad.

I get it; it's Vogue. I would like to publish my own magazine called, "Half-Assed". It would celebrate the imperfect mom - the renegade who can make an impromptu gift bag out of a Happy Meal box on the way to the party. The mom who believes if somebody made it, then it's homemade. Need a cave-man costume for school - TODAY? Our gal's got a pair of scissors, a sharpie, and paper grocery bag at the ready.

One last confession: I used to be a Supermom (well, I tried really hard). I used to throw these crazy Dios de los Muertos parties every year. It was what I lived for. Very much like the Olympics, preparations began far in advance, and I was a total mess the whole time. It took a fairly serious party injury for me to realize that maybe I was in over my head. The day of the party had arrived. A 185 of our closest friends would be showing up at my doorstep any minute. As usual, I was determined to make sure every last one of them would be thoroughly impressed and amazed by my domestic superiority. I'd spent weeks pouring over every detail, and it was finally coming together. Freshly squeezed lime juice and crushed mint for the mojitos? Check. Authentic Oaxacan festival masks hung on the foyer staircase with care? Check. Homicidal threats made to any child who might decide to trash their room? Check.

As I glanced at my reflection just moments before the first guests were to arrive, I noticed a tiny smudge at the very top of the bathroom mirror. Initially, I tried to ignore it, but it eventually wore me down. "Martha Stewart would never host a party with a smudge on her mirror" echoed through my head. So, I ever-so-gently scaled the bathroom countertop, in my heels, and stood on stretched tiptoe to remove the offending smudge. That's when I slipped. My big toe broke the fall by breaking itself. It was at that very moment, as I lay on the floor, crying in pain, that I looked up and saw that I'd only made the smudge worse…

My toe swelled up like a baby eggplant, and I ended up hobbling around in Crocs all night like. I couldn't run around making sure everyone's drink was full, I couldn't bus the tables, and I couldn't assemble those cute little sugar skull TO GO packages I was famous for. And you know what? It was the best party I ever threw. I got to sit down and be with my family and friends. I've learned over the years to actively participate in my life; not to just cater it from the sidelines.

It's time to redefine what being a good wife, mom, hostess, and human being means. I don't want my kids growing up with memories of how clean the house always was. I want them to remember the fun and the love. Who cares what anybody else thinks? You want to make memories in your home. And sometimes when you're making memories, you're making a mess. Embrace the chaos. While news of her death may be premature, Supermom is on life support. Maybe it's time to pull the plug.

How absolutely perfect is this. This letter has lifted about 10 pounds off my shoulders, just by knowing I am not the only one who feels this way, and to know that things don't have to be, and aren't always going to be perfect!!! Its OK that I sometimes have 5 loads of laundry to do and a load still in the dryer from 4 days ago! LOL I don't want my kids to grow up and remember how clean our house was... I want them to grow up and remember how much fun they had!! Parenting is a learning experience... & I'm still learning!!! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm having withdrawls from my blog!!!!

Its been almost 1 week since my last post. We have been super busy moving into our NEW HOUSE!!!! Everything is finally coming together! But until then we have NO cable and NO Internet. BOO! But as soon as its up and running again, i will have lots to post!!! :)

C Ya! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dinner was a SUCCESS!!!! Yay!!!

Ingredients:(And of course chicken legs)

*In small bowl mix :

  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter.

*Combine in separate bowl:

(I used a large zip lock baggie)

  • 1 1/2 C Parmesan cheese
  • 3/4 C bread crumbs
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Dip each piece of chicken in the egg/butter mix. Then roll the chicken in the Parmesan cheese mixture. Place chicken in a long, shallow baking pan. Sprinkle remaining butter and mixture over the chicken. The original recipe called for it to bake at 375 for 50 minutes.

*This chicken has the "fried chicken" taste...without being fried!! Yum!

  • TIP: I boiled the raw chicken for 7 minutes in salt water, this shortened the cooking time, and reduced the amount of fat and blood in the pan after it was done! Because the chicken was partially cooked, I cooked it on 400 for 30 minutes! (we were really hungry, so this sped it up a bit!!)

PS. Even Landon enjoyed it!!!! :)

So I am trying a new recipe tonight for chicken legs. the idea of cooking chicken legs scares me!!! I always feel like I am going to screw it up!
So wish me luck. The recipe is so simple! SO if it turns out good, I will pass it along! :)

this is what it is "suppose" to look like....

Of course that bottle of wine peaking out in the corner has my attention too..

Don't worry wine, I didn't forget about you.. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Days...

Friday can't get here soon enough. Although I say that every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday... This week is much more exciting than my ordinary week!!!
We are planning a Painting Party this Friday Night. EVERYONE and Their friends are welcome! lol We have a lot of white walls to cover! Food, Booze & whatever else you request will be provided!!! :)
So here I am being scatter brained. I'm too lazy to start another new post, ( if you notice, 99% of my blog post are scatter brained.. welcome to my world! :))
Anyways, Can someone help me out....How do you tag someone in your blog?!?!?!?! Ive noticed that some words are highlighted, when you click on them, it takes you to someone else's blog.... HELP this blog virgin out (haha that's funny)
Thanks Dolls!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my emotions are taking over...

I am blogging about this because I feel like I have no one else to talk to about it. I said something to my mom, and she calls me back screaming, and i know posting this will probably just cause more husband doesn't want to hear it, because he doesn't want to get in the middle of us girls..and I just don't know if anyone else cares enough anymore to listen.. and i have to get it off my chest, even if no one reads it. it makes me feel better!
Ive been so down in the dumps the last week or two... I am just feeling so overwhelmed lately and I feel like I have no one.
Landon and I went shopping last week, and while we were in a few stores I couldn't help but notices all the ladies with their kids, and their moms. I couldn't tell you the last time my mom and I actually hung out. We just can't get along anymore. We have always had a rocky relationship. In grade school & high school we couldn't have a conversation without yelling at each other. we just butted heads. then the last 5 years have been great. we talked everyday on the phone, we went shopping, craft fairs, everything.. weekly!!! She has been around Landon maybe 15 times since he has been born. ((15 months)) She has watched him for us twice. It just hurts me because I truly thought she would have a great relationship with him.and me for that matter...and he doesn't even know her. breaks my heart!!!

Im so lucky!

Im SO Lucky! Thats All..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lucky 15

so my best friend told me I have to blog about this.. lol
something BIG happens to us on the 15th of almost every month! I know, it sounds ridiculous...but its true!!!!!!
Ok, let me fill you in a bit...
Dane got a promotion as a detective on April 15th, 07
We got married November 15th, 08
Landon was born on June 15th, 09
We listed our house for sale on March 15th, 10
I started my job on July 15th, 10
We signed a contingency contract on our new house on August 15th, 10
And we have a contract on our house in Cahokia as of last night, September 15th, 10
Crazy right?!??!?! I think so too!!
Everyone says we should buy a lottery ticket, but i dont think they will let me pick 15 5 or 6 times. lol
Landon turned 15 months yesterday [the 15th :)]
Here are 15 interesting facts about Landon... hehe
1. He is such a lover. he gives the best, wettest kisses! hehe He gives mommy 9 kisses every morning before I leave for work. 1 for every hour that I will be gone for the day.. well Im only gone for 8 hours, but I just can't help but steal just 1 more! :)
2. He says Mommy and the right person!! I thought I was going to be Daddy for ever :)
3. He knows when he is about to do something bad.. he will turn to us, point his finger and say bad...then do the bad thing.
4. he is a climber. not just on the couch. on top of the coffee tables, kitchen tables, on top of my make up table, computer desk.. he would climb on top of the roof if we let him!
5. He is becoming so smart... he can tell us where his belly is, feet, head, booty (haha)
6. Also, he knows what a cow, cat and dog say.. sometimes if we ask a lot in a row, all the sounds start to sound alike..but if you do one or two at a time..he gets them right!
7. I think his favorite color is red...he always goes for the red toy, or the red mardi gras bead, etc.
8. He knows how to "cheese" for pictures!
9. He loves to talk on the phone...and sometimes even the remotes. lol
10. He is allergic to chocolate..but I really don't think it bothers him yet. He doesn't eat much sweets.. he would rather have carrots or ham and cheese. silly boy! :)
11. He is a blankie boy. Binky & Bottle were a piece of cake to get rid of... The blanket is going to be like taking gold from him! (the corner of his blanket is his favorite!!! he will sit a twirl it until he falls asleep)
12. When he is getting tired, we can tell him to go get his cup and his blanket, and he will go to every room in the house until he finds it. and will bring it to us, climb up in the chair & he is good to go! :)
13. He loves mommy reading him a bed time story.. although i have to read the same book about 387384 times before he will actually lay down and start to fall asleep!
14. I think he is going to be a nascar driver... he loves to drive cars!! (toy cars that is! hehe)
15. Although I still have a very hard time being back at work full time, Landon really loves being at daycare! Nana is so great with him, and I just know how much he loves going over there! Every morning we ask him if he is ready to go to Nana's, he will walk to the front door and try to open it (well he does know how to open it, so we have to keep the screen door locked 24/7!!)
These last 15 months have been the BEST 15 months of my life. I could never imagine not having Landon in my life. I think back to my life before him, and I honestly feel like it was sooo boring!! I mean really, what did I do all the time if I wasn't giving him a bath, taking him for walks, playing peek-a-boo, running after him telling him "I'm gonna get you" and watching his little legs work as hard as they can! Ugh, this little boy is my world! I love him so much!
Nothing compares to the love that a mother feels for their child... the feeling is just so overwhelming!! I'm so lucky!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


This morning my sister was loading up her 4 boys in the van to take Jason & Jacob to school.. Jayden was sleepy so Jason was carrying him since Bran was carrying out Julian in the car seat.. Well Jason tripped, and dropped Jayden.. then fell on top of him! Jayden cried and cried, but Brandi thought he was just in a little shock and a little pain for his big 100lb brother falling on top of him... 1 hour passed and he was still crying.. and he refused to walk. every time she was ask him to walk to her, he would stand up and start shaking really bad, crying, then wouldn't stand up anymore.. so she knew something was wrong.
She called his doctor right away and had him a doctor appointment at 10am. His doctor took one look at him and sent him straight to the ER to get x-rays done from hips down. After 3 hours they were finally told that his right leg was for sure broken, and they don't know about his left leg to take him somewhere else. WHAT?!?!? If the doctor knew it was a possibility that one of his legs could be broken, why would she recommend them even going to the hospital that her office is in. Makes me so angry that they made a 2 year old with a broken leg, sit in a room for 4 hours with NO pain medication if in the end, they knew there was nothing they could do for him!?!?!?!?!?
So they released him and they headed to Cardinal Glennon in St Louis, where they took x-rays again.. and confirmed that his right leg is broken..and his left leg is okay!! After 2 hours they said that surgery is not necessary, that all he needs is a cast. He has a white hard cast for now, next week he will get it changed and he will wear that cast for 6 weeks!!!! I can't imagine having a 1 month old, and a 2 year old not being able to walk! Although we are super busy getting ready to move, I am putting everything I can on hold to help my sister out at this time!! She is supermom, but there is only so much 1 person can take!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Confession Friday!

So I got this idea from a few girlfriends blogs.... after reading their confessions, i knew i had to write a few of my just wouldn't be fair! :)

1. while me and my hubby are "taking turns" rubbing each others backs at night...i pretend to be asleep when he is done rubbing mine so i get out of doing his. haha, selfish? yep!

2. i facebook creep. a lot.

3. Landon has got into our bathroom cabinet on several occasions, and plays with tampons like they are swords... and i haven't put them in a new spot because he has fun and laughs with them....o well! :) he probably won't like this story in 15 years from now!

4. I'm a newly contact wearing. yep, ditched the glasses finally. only because Landon ripped them off my face and they broke in half..but anyways.. tonight Dane and I were getting ready to go out to dinner and I was standing at the kitchen sink washing a sippy cup, and i realized i couldn't see very clearly. when i closed my left eye i couldn't hardly see anything out of my right eye. lost my first contact! shoot! i haven't got my others in yet, so i took the one out of my left eye and put it in my right eye (bc my right eye is worse...makes sense, right?)so we spent about 25 minutes feeling around all over the bathroom, my make up table, the area i got dressed in...nothing!! so we are sitting at dinner and i rub my right eye, and the contact comes out. so I'm holding this contact in my hand and i can still see...hmm.. so I touch my eye and waaalaaaa.. another contact on my finger. yep! i had 2 contacts in 1 eye!!! Oops! thanks for looking hunny! :)

Okay. thats enough for today!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day!

The last holiday of the summer!! Yahhh!!
In past years, summer was ALWAYS my favorite season. But lately this fall weather has me in LOVE!!! Don't get me wrong, I love swimsuits, flip flops, tank tops & jean skirts...but just walking outside and not my cup of tea!

Friday night I had a mommy's night out with my best friend of 10 years, Cassie. Boy do we still have it in us. I felt like we were in High School again. Just me & her being our crazy selves! It was so much fun!!!!! I sure felt it the next day.. but I would do it all over again this weekend!! :)

Saturday & Sunday we spent the day at my sisters house, and at her hometown parade & picnic. Landon is finally getting to the age where he enjoys going and riding some of the rides. This year he got to ride on the cars, the train, slide & the carousel!! He doesn't make any facial expressions the entire time...but the second the ride stops, or we take him off, he is M.A.D!! so cute!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

this weather makes me happy!

What more can we ask for?!!?

This weather is absolutely amazing! Now all i can think about it decorating the house for fall... then I get sad. Half of our house is packed up in boxes! So it looks like I will be late to decorate this year...but it will be at our NEW house once I finally get to decorate!!
We got a call from the bank on Friday saying our closing date on the new house is set to be September 24th. BUT we might be able to talk them into moving it up a little bit. So we have a appointment with them on Tuesday evening to see what we can get done! The sooner the better so we can get in & start painting.. did i mention how much i hate white walls?? and yep, every single wall in the house is WHITE. ..... b.o.r.i.n.g!!!!!

Anyways.. so this weather has me thinking about Halloween!!!
I loved this holiday as a kid...but the older I got, the more boring it got. Yea its fun to go to a party, maybe dress up a little. but it was never like it was when I was little.. UNTIL I had child of my own. Now the excitement is back (even if he is only 1 and really has no idea what is going on....) But I am so excited to dress him up and take him around to all the neighbors house to show him off! Now we just have to decide on a costume. Ive been doing a little browsing for the last couple weeks and I have NO IDEA what he is going to be this year. Do i dress him in something cute? like last year, he was a giraffe. soooooo cute! or should i dress him up in more of a big boy costume.
decisions decisions...