Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2 Years Ago..

2 Years ago TODAY I found out I was going to become a Mommy!!!

Who would have thought my life would have changed so much while sitting on a toilet! ha!

Our very first ultrasound showing us we were suppose to be having twins.
Yes, TWINS!!

I know that the pain will never go away from the loss of a child! I think about it nearly everyday.. I believe I will always live off of "what if"..
Mommy loves you Baby Luke #2.

Are they sure there aren't 2 babies in there?!?!? Woowee! I was huge!! Our very first moment together... love at first sight!

our handsome little guy at 1 week old!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dont Blink!

16 Months going on 16 years.
Gosh, Time goes by so fast! Before I know it, He will really be driving a car! And that will make me ..38..

crazy kid! :)

Does anyone else's kid act like this? or is it just mine?? LMAO

I only got a few seconds of him doing this....but it goes on everyday...for hours. LOL

Halloween Sneak Peek!

So I never thought choosing a Halloween costume for a 16 month old would be so difficult.

Well for me, it was! I searched and searched the internet for WEEKS. maybe even MONTHS for a costume for Landon.

SO I finally decide on one. And I figured if every site I looked up online had it in stock, so would at least one of the stores. WRONG. I went to 3 Halloween stores and 2 other stores that I figured MIGHT have one.. Nope! GRR!!

So I go back home, Start my research again. Look for another costume, or try finding at least 1 store within 50 miles that has this silly costume. FINALLY Babies R US in Fairview Heights says they have the costume, but in 12 months, not 18 months. So we pile in and head to FVH BRU...thinking the entire way....please fit, please fit.. So when we get there, I wake my crabby baby up from his first nap, which should have been his second nap... to try on the costume. IT FITS...BARELY!! Landon is on a diet until Halloween. HA Just kidding, but seriously If it was a month from today, I would worry about it fitting!!! Anyways..The costume was priced at $34.99 with a sign saying 50% off. Hello, that excites this Momma!!! $15, Score!! So we get to the register and the girl says, Ooh these were just marked down today! (me thinking just marked down to the $15) NOPE! They were marked down 50% more two more different times. that's right...
I got his costume for $3.75!!
$4.04 after tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was one happy Momma!!!!
(although I had one crabby baby!)

Anyways, Here is the oh so happy Landon trying on his costume! heheh

Isn't he the cutest unhappy scarecrow there is!!! lol

(He promised to be a much happier baby on Halloween, so hopefully we will have better pictures to post later! =])