Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!!

Friday (finally) was Day #1 of transforming Landon's not so-nursery into a toddler room!!
After patiently waiting for the arrival of the bedding that was suppose to be delivered in 1-2 business days..... well 2 weeks and 4 days later, it was finally in!!!!So Friday afternoon Dane, Landon & I headed to pick up his very own big boy bed, then went to home depot to match the colors of paint exactly with the colors of the bedding. Now I say exactly so large because the entire point of bringing something into the store of the color you want, is so they match perfect.. right?!?!? Well the goth, tattooed freak (harsh, i know.) working behind the paint counter, along with the 4 nice ladies.. guess who I get to help me. Yep, the freak. So he takes the pillow case and I show him the exact colors I want. OK, no problem.. you do this everyday, how hard can it be?!?!Obviously hard. Because he is mixing away and pulled the green paint away before it was done. about half a gallon of yellow that was suppose to be in my container was on the floor, the machine and himself. My blood starts to boil. I am not the person that will send food back if my order comes out wrong, I won't complain about bad service, I just don't. I don't know why.. but I knew this was going to be another bite my tongue and walk away and cry once I got into the car.
Some how, Some way the paint looked pretty similar to the green that I had showed him on the pillow case. Whew! Fingers Crossed it looks good on the walls!!!

Friday Night I had dinner with the girls. I haven't had the chance to hang out with my police wife friends in SO LONG!! It was well over due. We could have sat at that table and talked for DAYS!!! We had so much to catch up on! But unfortunately I had to call it a night early because my hubby had to be into work at 11 for an overtime shift. But that's okay because I was sooo tired! I got home at 10, Dane left at 10:30, and I'm pretty sure I was sleeping by 10:35!!
Thanks for a great night Amy & Rachael & Meredith!

Saturday Bright and Early Dane was up and at it. Even though he didn't get off work until 4am. and not to bed until 5am I'm pretty sure there was a paint brush in his hand by 9am! I love him! :) Its so nice to know that he is just as excited about Landon's room as I am!!
this was after the 1st coat. Looking great so far!!!!If you ask Landon what color this wall is. He says Lellow (yellow) if you tell him it's green.. he will argue with you and keep saying no, lellow. lellow. lellow. So, This wall is Lellow. lol
3 coats Later and it looks fantastic!! Great work hubby!!
Saturday Night Dane, Landon & I head out to dinner and to target. We needed something fast since a. Landon skipped out on a long nap that day b. it was kind of late already and c. because we were eager to get to target and get back home. So we decided steak and shake would be a good place. wrong. Landon was by far the worst he has ever been. anywhere. I was so embarrassed. I didn't eat, I got up and went to the car with him. He refused to sit in his high chair. he refused to eat. he only wanted to play with the knifes. Ugh, It was a bad experience. I really don't have any intentions on taking him out to dinner for awhile, unless it is mandatory. Anyways, So off to target we went. If I had enough diapers to get me through the winter storm they are calling for, I would have went straight home! Since Landon's room isn't ready for him to sleep in yet, and honestly I don't know how I feel about him being upstairs and we are down stairs..... scares me. and well, his toddler bed fit oh so nicely right next to my side of the bed! He was SOOOO excited when we put his bedding on. He just loves the theme. He jumped right on and and gave him a hug and a kiss! it was so stinking cute! The railings only cover about half of the sides of the bed.. well if you have ever seen my kid sleep, you know he is a crazy mover!!! I'm pretty sure I was awake every 15 minutes looking over at him making sure he was OK. Around 2 am I hear a THUD. I jump up, my heart literally jumped out of my chest. I look over and he was sleeping on the floor. He fell right off the bed, and it didn't even wake him up. How does that happen? lol So I get up, pick him off the floor and put him back in his bed. And back to sleep he went! Around 6:20 he was awake. I knew there was no chance Dane was getting up that early, So I knew if I wanted more sleep I would have to give and put him in bed with us. So my snuggle bug was back in bed with us! and by snuggle bug I mean, feet and butt in my face. literally!
Sunday Dane and I decided to take Landon to the baby/kid expo they have at the fairgrounds once or twice a year. I have never been, So I honestly had NO idea what to expect. Landon fell asleep on the way there so he had a small, much needed nap!!! When we got there, it didn't look like there was much to do, and Landon was very clingy. About 10 minutes later he was a wild man! He was so excited, running everywhere! Playing basketball, soccer, bowling, jumping in the different bounce houses, coloring, he even got his face painted!!!!!!! My last impression was the total opposite from my first impression! Landon had a lot of fun, and we will be at every kid expo from here on out!

Sunday Night we ordered chinese and it was back to the painting! Dane slaved away on the blue walls while Landon and I napped, then played with the paint! :)

Shhh.. This is a secret inside Landon's closet!! :)

Well that pretty much wraps up my eventful weekend. I will have more pictures of Landon's room as it is coming along!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

PS. I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful husband who is now a Deputy for Monroe County Sheriff's Department!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of him!!!! :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that I just got a pair of eyeglasses for free, just had to pay shipping and handling!!
So Excited! Thank you I hope you aren't a scam!! lol

*I confess that I am jealous of how creative some of my mommy friends are.

*I confess that I gave up drinking soda for a week..cold turkey, no caffeine. And I had the worlds worst headache for 4 days in a row and couldn't figure out why.. duh!!! (Thanks again Adrien!!!)

*I confess that Adrien Robert is pretty much my very own personal Doctor Phil. Seriously, I can pretty much ask her for advice for everything. lol

*I confess that all this talk about BSB and NKOTB, I really really really really want *Nsync to tour again!! Seriously, I've seen them 6 times and still remember it being the best concert. ever!!

*I confess that I got my Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail yesterday....and I wanted to throw my lunch up. This girl won't be in a swim suit this year. ugh.

*I confess that I've had a load of clothes in the dryer for 2 days. Whoops, I know what I'm doing after confessions.

*I confess that ALL I want for my birthday this year is Taylor Swift tickets. Glad my bff is by my side!!! :))

*I confess that I am dying to see the new show on Lifetime called One Born Every Minute. If you haven't seen the preview for it, Seriously google it. It looks sooo good!!!

*I confess that I walked past my wedding dress the other night, and it took everything in me not to stop and put it on. What would Dane think if he walked down to the basement and I was dancing around in my wedding dress. Bahaha!

*I confess that I can't wait for Valentines Day!! Im SO excited..and I just can't hide it... ok enough..

Bye! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 years ago..

5 years ago today I met the world's most calm, understanding, warm, loving man!
How did I get so lucky that he chose me??

so mushy gushy, right?!?
The last 5 years have been 1 hell of a roller coaster!!

We have had our ups and downs
(doesn't every relationship??)
And even after all of our bickers, I know he is the ONE for me!! I mean, who else would put up with these crazy mood swings all the time!?!? :)

Not only is he wonderful to me...but he is a AMAZING daddy, which makes me love him even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that we can be goofy together and we can laugh at each other!
(seriously, i wish my legs still looked like that.)

And if I had to do it all over again, I'd still choose you!!!!!! Love you Hubby!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Confession Friday!!

* I confess that I haven't done a confession post since September 10th!!! Yikes!!

* I confess that I have 90% of Landon's Birthday decorations bought...and his party isn't until June. I just get sooo excited!!
*And I confess that I started on his guest list, 50 adults and 21 kids. I didn't think his 2nd birthday was going to be as big as his first, but how do you just not invite someone that you invited last year.

*I confess that I have done NOTHING with Landon's room since I taped it, prepping for paint. I still haven't even bought the paint! Ugh. lol

*I confess that Landon has attempted to say his first cuss word. It didn't sound like it, but I knew exactly what he was trying to say. He is mocking us a lot more lately.. I need to really learn to watch what I say!!!!

*I confess that I am OUT OF SHAPE. BAD!!!! Dane brought home a treadmill last week..(because I begged for it! lol) and I get on that thing thinking I am back in high school and can run the 7 minute mile again. NO WAY. I wanted to die after 3 minutes!!!!!

*I confess that I am soooooo EXCITED that my best friend Cassie is pregnant again!!!!! EEE! I just love babies!!! :))))))))

*I confess that I have a love for hot dogs and mustard that no one will ever understand... :)

I confessed enough... It's your turn!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has been OVER a month since my last post.

Sorry, I'm a slacker!!!!
I just sometimes wonder if anyone really cares what I really have to say, other than my BFF who gets mad when I don't blog. As if she doesn't know everything going on in my life already. lol
Anyways.. Let me catch you up on what you have missed this month.
I am staying at home with Landon again. HOORAY! I LOVE being a stay at home mommy.. but man oh man does it wear you out!!!
Landon is 19 months old!!!! 1-9. ugh! That means only 5 short months until my BABY is 2!!!!!! And boy does he have the attitude of a 2 year old. My kid hit terrible 2's 6 months early.. lets hope he is over this stage 6 months early too!

I think he sits in time out at least 5 times a day. But he usually doesn't mind just sitting there.. until I finally figured out why.... directly across the room from his timeout spot is a big mirror...which looks directly at the tv. he was sitting in time out this entire time watching tv, and i didn't know it!! LOL

See what I mean?!? Lesson learned. Landon has a new time out spot!!

Speaking of my almost 2 year old.... I have not done anything with his room since we moved in, other than put up his crib and hang his clothes. half of his things are still in boxes piled in his closest, he has NOTHING on the walls in his room...poor kid. So his NEW room is in the process of being done. and new room ='s no more crib :(( hello toddler bed! I cried when I ordered his bedding the other night. I just can't believe he is so big already!!!!!I am hoping to have it done in a month. Yes, I said a month. As much as I would LOVE to have it done in a week, We all know that isn't possible.. so why not aim big so I don't let myself down! lol The bedding, curtains and other things have been ordered and should be here this week!! But before anything, we will be painting those boring white walls!!!!

here are a few before pictures of his boring, abandoned room!!

We had one sick baby last week. :( Croup cough is not fun, let me tell you that. It has been almost 2 weeks since the first little cough, and that cough isn't so little anymore, and the runny nose won't seem to stop either. I can't wait for it to be fully gone!!!!!

my lovely hubby bought me a treadmill!! woohoo. im ready to lose some lb's before summer gets here!!!

My Grandfather Tom passed away yesterday. He is my dads step dad. I was really close to my grandmother and grandfather when I was little. I would spent weeks with them during the summer! I feel sooo bad because I haven't been out to see him in 6 years.. and It's so hard that I didn't get to say goodbye :( My grandmother was at work yesterday and my cousin Dalton who lives with them is the one that found him. He was using the phone, and when Dalton found him the phone had been on for 101 minutes.. So no one knows how long he had been gone for. The EMS workers didn't try to revive him. I went with my 2 sisters & brother out to spend time with her last night. I can't imagine losing my husband. I can't imagine going to bed and laying down in that big bed by myself. Ugh, breaks my heart!! :((

Ok, enough blogging for the day. see you next month. :)