Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cutest Baby Contest!!

Hey Everyone!

Miss Layla is in a 'Cutest Baby Contest' on our photographers facebook page.

Please head on over to Creative Bent Photography
and 'LIKE' them AND Layla's picture!!!

Thanks sooo much! :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warning. This post is as hormonal as I am.

Hey Y'all!
Long time no see! This past week has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for this girl. Lets just say I hope this is the hormones finally leaving my body completely and I'll be back to normal soon.
Lets play catch up.

Thursday. the kids and I hung out at my girl friend Debbie's house. Lots of girl talk and Landon running around being a crazy kid.

Friday I worked then went on a much needed road trip with my BFF.
Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without her. Our conversations get so deep, then 2.5 seconds later we are laughing so hard it hurts.

Saturday the fam went shopping and had lunch at my favorite restaurant, sakura. then this momma got a new phone.. PTL PTL PTL.
I finally got my iPhone. and let's just say I am IN LOVE.
I tried taking a picture of Landon as soon as I got it.. instead of saying "cheese" like he normally does.. he says... "Hey, it flashed"

Not use to that are ya buddy! ;)
Then we headed to a birthday party at the bowling alley for Shebi. After that we had dinner at my moms house.

Sunday Landon woke up saying "wanna go bowling" since we didn't get to bowl at the party, we knew we had to take him.
He had so much fun. And he's a pretty damn good bowler. Well, when he is not kicking the ball down the lane.

Monday I went shopping for new jeans with my sister. 4 kids at the mall is no fun. but we managed. I found a pair of jeans that fit. and I'm going to brag for a second and say they are 2
SIZES SMALLER than the jeans I bought on NYE. Eeek. 15 pounds to go!
and because I was so excited about my jeans, I tried on a dress. And the second I put it on Landon said "Pretty mommy". This kid has never said a word about my clothes before, so I had to buy it.
here it is. now only if it would warm up so I can wear it!!
Then Dane and I went to the drunken fish to get our sushi fix. OMG. By far the best sushi I've ever had. I've been there a few times and let me tell you, they must be doing something different because it was fabulous! Or it could have been the bottle of wine I drank by myself.

Today Landon and I made cookies for his class.
They were suppose to be simple, but I sent Dane to the store to get things I needed... and well, he just sucks at grocery shopping. So I ended up making homemade sugar cookies and homemade frosting. And even though I had to go to a neighbor to borrow an egg, everything turned out great. I had awesome help! :)
I gave him a spoon of frosting and he kept licking it and shouting "I like it mommy, I like it!" haha love him! :)
Nana's party was of course awesome as usual. She always has so much fun things for the kiddos t do!
even Daddy stopped by the party for a minute!

Well you are basically caught up on my life the past week.
Nothing too exciting, but been busy busy busy.

And I have to add this.

I dropped a word on my facebook yesterday that I hate. HATE. But I truly felt it was the only word that was necessary for this person.
I don't want drama.. it gives me headaches and grey hair.
But if you mess with my children, you will unleash a person in me that you wish you'd never met.
I'm Just <span class=Sayin'">
you're doing a pretty damn good job so far on your own.

and well, I don't want to end this post on a bitchy note, so here ya go.
(i wanted for you to post this Cassie, because you didn't, I am. lol)

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Annnnd the pictures they took!!!


seriously. This weekend couldn't have been more perfect!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing sister weekend!!!!!

Hey Everyone!
I feel like I've been gone for a month..when actually it was only a day. But holy cow did I miss my kiddos!
But let me tell you a little bit about one of the best weekends I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!

As you have heard me say over and over again whether if be from here on my blog, on Facebook or in person.. but my 2 sisters & I got meet & greet passes through the fan club and had amazing seats.

So after a very FUN ride to Champaign Saturday morning, we make it to our hotel, start drinking & getting ready.
Then we headed to dinner and had a waitress that didn't know how to handle having 4 tables on her own. Ridic.
Anyways, Once we arrived to the Assembly Hall we got in line for will call to pick up our meet & greet passes. After standing in line for about 15 minutes we finally get up to the window and they don't have our name on the list. or any of the other 15 people who won tickets through the fan club. I was || <--- this close to crying. So we get in line to go into the arena and start PRAYING our tickets we not fake. (since we bought them from a scalper)
So instead of going to our seats and ignoring the fact we paid to be a fan club member and got SCREWED on our meet & greets, we go to where they are and grab anyone who will listen to us talk. (I mean c'mon, what man is going to ignore 3 girls in booty shorts???) HA! Not anyone who is with Luke Bryan's team!
So after standing around for about 30 minutes, they tell us to go on down. WOO!

I don't know how I held myself together so well... beer& deep breaths
(Could be because the guy taking the picture was SO DAMN HOTT!!!!!)
.. sorry honey... lol
Boo for blurry picture. Can't wait to see the picture they took!!!

So he read our shirts, loved them, signed them. We chatted for a few minutes and it was time for us to go because the show was already running late. & they told us they would see them again soon.

We grabbed a few drinks and headed to our seats. HOLY AMAZING!!!!!
or Amazeballs as my bff says.
Luke took the stage & of course ROCKED IT. The 3rd song came on and guess who was walking up to me... the hot camera guy who was backstage.. woo. lol
He leans in and tells me my song is coming up next. (the song that was on my shirt)
Whaaat? You had to come out from backstage to tell me this??
Whatev, I'll take it. lol

We did not sit down the entire time Luke was singing. Amazing!
After he was done playing there was about a half hour intermission. We headed out to the bathrooms and everyone was staring at us. Umm... WHAT??? is what we wanted to say to all of them. Then next thing we know, we were bombarded with guys coming up to us telling us to keep doing what we're doing down there. They had us on the jumbo tron several times. OMG, embarrassed? a little. but Hilarious!!!!! We had no shame, and Luke was loving it... he announced to the crowd that he had 3 country girls down in front shaking it for him! ;)

Before we knew it, Jason was up on stage doing his thang!
He put on an amazing concert.. & of course we danced the entire time too!

I swear I burned 5000 calories during both of their performances! Amazing!
As Jason went off stage LB's crew came and told us to stick around. Next thing we know we are going backstage. holy freak-out.
Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures, get autographs, or anything backstage. but it was a blast!
Definitely a night I will never forget.. well, my sister won't allow me to forget anything.. Lol

Don't worry..the fun isn't over yet. They are coming to St. Louis in September. They have our names, phone numbers & email addresses. We will be seeing them again!!! ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Proud mommy moment!!!!!

go Landon go!!

he was so excited!!!

and Layla was of course along, too!