Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that because it's a new day, I promise to wake up with a better attitude than I had yesterday. promise!!!
*I confess that although I know everything happens for a reason, I hate to see the look of disappointment on the face of someone that I love more than anything!
*I confess that if pregnant women weren't so gosh darn hormonal, the average weight gain for the entire 9 months would be cut in half. depressing evening=entire box of brownies GONE!
*I confess I finally found a nursery bedding that I LOVE, and I think its too expensive! :(
again, if you have ideas..please share them! I've had a bunch of people tell me they have ideas for girls room, but no one is forkin out the ideas! c'mon people!!!!
*I confess if I sell Landon's nursery bedding that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE Dane won't look at the price as being so horrible because we have something to contribute to it....
if you know anyone having a boy... I am selling the entire set of "NOJO jungle tales"
*I confess as much as I wanted summer to be here 3 months ago.. I can't wait for fall/winter. This summer has been crazy busy and my hubby works too dang much! yay for money and for overtime.. but geesh, I'm starting to miss him a little!!
*I confess I made a batch of frosted brownies tonight, and I put Landon's #2 candle in them, and we sang to him! his eyes just light up when we sing, and he loves to blow out the candle. bahaha we're goofs!
*I confess the guy who fixes our computer says the "coupon printer" downloaded has been the cause of our viruses. which is driving me crazy
because that means I can't print out any more coupons from target,, and wherever else that you have to have it for. very upsetting!!!!!!!!
*I confess I ask for the TV for 1 hour a week to watch a show, and last
night both Dane AND Landon refused to give up the TV to let me watch my show. NOT FAIR!!! TGDVR!

*I confess we need to plan a blogger play date!! give me ideas on dates. the last date I chose, we all
*I confess last night was probably my very first DIY project. well kinda. All I had to do was spray paint something. but normally we'd just go out and buy brand new. Yay for a budget!
I'll post pictures if it turns out.. if not, well then forget I ever mentioned it!!! lol
Hope everyone has a great 4th!!
Be careful & keep an extra eye on the kids with the fireworks!!!!!!
eeeeek, scares me!!!!!!
See ya Monday! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I got another virus on our computer yesterday by updating windows. No idea how, but the hubby isn't too happy with me. Whoops. You'd think I sat and watched porn all day on the computer for as many viruses I get!

I confess being pregnant has been a royal pain in the ass this week. Literally!!!

I confess I wish I was going to the red bud fireman's picnic this weekend! Next year I definitely get a mommies night out one of the nights!!

I confess I am so excited and nervous for this weekend! Change is good, right?!?!?

I confess I told Landon last night he had a smart mouth and he smacked himself in the mouth! Hahaha that was an easy punishment!

Speaking of that smart mouth, why does he think it's OK to scream NOW and NO at me when he pleases. Momma don't think so!!!!!

I confess trying to get Landon to sleep upstairs in his own bed is the hardest thing I've yet to tackle as a parent. As much as I LOVE him being right next to me and safe at night, I know it's well past time... It's just soooo hard on him AND me!! :(

I confess I WILL have a coconut sno cone before the weekend is over, or else someone gets hurt!!!!! :) maybe Landon and I will go today!

I confess this weather has been absolutely amazing this week, and of course 3 out of the 5 days I spent curled up in a ball all day. Please stay nice this weekend, I'm able to get up and move around today!

I confess I'm still looking for a home for one of our dogs and cat... Pleaaaaaase, if you know of someone who is looking for one, let me know!! Ps Cassie- I know how bad you want Malibu, you can pick her up at anytime! Baha! :)

I confess I have nappy roots! Bad! Lara, if your reading this, hellllp!!!

I confess I'm attempting my first recipe from pioneer woman tonight and I am soooo excited! I have been craving it ALL week! Hope it's as good as it looks!!

That's all my confessions for now... Don't forget to leave yours!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bump Update!

How Far Along: 26 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +8. yep, that's a 6lb jump from last month! whoops!

Maternity Clothes: my Old Navy Maternity shorts are the worst purchase yet. the ride up my butt sorry, tmi :)

Gender: princess :)

Movement: I've felt her since about week 15, but lately she is getting really active & strong!!!

Sleep: avg 7 hours. can't complain!!!

What I miss: tanning!!!! (and beer)

Cravings: sweets!!! hints the 6lb weight gain!!

Symptoms: swollen feet just about every evening. but luckily goes away over night!

Best Moment this week: down to double digits!!! woohoo! 98 days & Counting!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry Bout The Mess!

story of my life!

And his voice is AHHHHMAZING!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Party Time!!

The dining room!

My favorite part about this--- while I was decorating, Landon would shout "Yay, You did it!" after every single streamer I put up! His excitement made me excited!!! :)

I have to be honest, I'm not ready for the decorations to come down, I enjoy my dining room being all about Landon! :)

the snack table:

Birthday Banner!

Special thanks to Pizza Planet for their great delivery service! Lunch was Yummy! Everyone loved the pizza!!

Smore Pops = heaven in your mouth! Can't go wrong with smores on a stick! NO MESS!!!

Cupcake Cake!

A little shy at first... I don't think he was expecting the 40 people to all be gathered around staring at him! lol

But that fear quickly went away & he clapped and blew out the candle! And of course, Jayden wasn't done singing again so we sang one more time!!!! Whatever makes them happy!

Even Landon ate a cupcake. Icing from ear to ear! Must have been good!!

The pull string buzz pinata was a hit! All the kids got goodie bags filled with Toy Story toys, and then filled them to the top with candy!

Present time!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who gave Landon money & gift cards.. This is what he picked out!!!!

After a long weekend, this is how we ended our Sunday evening! Happy Father's Day to the best daddy Landon could ever ask for!!! These two are definitely best friends! There is a son/father bond here that can never be broken!!!!! melts my heart!!!

BIG thank you to everyone who came to Landon's party this weekend! He had a GREAT 2nd Birthday!!! It means a lot to us that the people we love were there to share his special day with us!!!!! He is definitely one loved/spoiled little boy!!! :)

To see more pictures from Landon's Party, Go to my facebook page!!!!

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well I survived the weekend.. so far. It's finally Sunday evening- and I am honestly surprised I made it this far!

Friday was a crazy busy day!!!!Landon and I started the day off by heading to Wal-Mart to get all the food and whatever else I needed for his party. When we got home I made lunch & started decorating the house for his party. I had several things to decorate outside, but there was a 40% chance of rain and I didn't want to risk everything getting ruined or having to take it all down half way through the party- so I planned for a indoor only party. Halfway through decorating the dining room my sisters both called me, one was in South County and one was in Downtown STL, Both stuck in horrible storms! Scared the crap out of me. Landon had just fallen asleep so I didn't know if I should wake him up to take him to the basement in case things got too bad, or just wait it out. So I turn on the TV see if the news had anything to say about our area. By then the weather was BAD BAD BAD out! Lighting & Thundering like crazy! Landon woke up scared to death & we lost power. We went straight to the basement. About 20 minutes later we decide to come back upstairs and it was doing nothing but raining, so it looks like we survived another storm. well, everything survived except for our 57" tv in our living room. I guess it was struck by lighting because it is DONEZO! Won't even turn on! Bigger Bummer!!! Friday night consisted on more cleaning and more decorating.

Saturday morning we were woken up at 6:30 to tornado sirens so I made everyone get up & back to the basement we went! Landon wasn't OK with this one at all, until we brought down the chocolate donuts, then all was OK! After our backyard was turned into a swamp, the rain finally decided to stop! Rain or Shine--we were having a party!! 12 o'clock rolls around & the house is filling up! And I realized I hadn't taken ANY pictures of the decorations before. NONE. There were already messes everywhere! ahh! O'well! Landon's party was a success! He was a little crabby the first 20 minutes. He was woken up from a half hour nap to find 40 people in his house that weren't there when he fell asleep....not too happy about that! Lol But Aunt Cassie saved the day with his new CAT toy & all was good from there!!!!! After everyone left the party we relaxed for about a hour and headed to Wal-Mart to get Landon's final birthday present. Thanks to everyone who gave him cash & gift cards, he was able to get the power wheels f150 he has been wanting! I for sure thought he would have wanted the tractor... but it was a John Deere! I'm sure if it was a CAT he would have chosen that! ;)

Saturday Night daddy went into work a little OT, and Landon and I ate pizza in bed (shhh, its our secret) and he was sleeping before 9! Momma wasn't too far behind him!!!!

Sunday morning Landon & I woke Daddy up with hugs, kisses & of course his Father's Day present! I think Daddy was more excited about the hand print Landon made for Daddy inside the card than he was anything! So sweet :) Then we headed to Country Kitchen for breakfast. Our server was the best! She took Landon for a walk around the restaurant & tried showing him the kitchen while mommy & daddy got to finish their breakfast! (thanks again, Cassie! lol)

We headed home & put Landon's truck together and we all 3 took a nap. I think the weekend wore all of us out so much because it was longer than usual! Once Landon was up there was no stopping him.. He knew the truck was put together and in the garage, he was ready to go!!! Daddy's request was to relax tonight so we stayed in and grilled & watched Cars.

I'm absolutely whooped & don't know how I'm going to throw more than 1 party next year within 3 months apart! Whew, it's a workout in itself to plan, prepare, host, clean up....ayi, yi yi! But it was soooo worth it!!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'll be posting a few pictures from Landon's party soon!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I forgot today was Friday, Until I went to Cassie's blog and seen her Confession Friday. And I honestly asked myself why she would post it a day early.

I confess I am extremely too busy to be doing this confession today because of Landon's birthday party tomorrow!!!

No. Time. To. Sit!!!!

Be sure to check back in for picture updates of his party!!!

Hope to see everyone there :)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Fun!

First thing, I wanted to thank everyone again for wishing Landon a Happy 2nd Birthday!

We woke up and enjoyed Landon's favorite, chocolate donuts! (Trust me, if we run out of these at home-- we're in trouble!!!!) And watched a few of his favorite cartoons! Then we stopped at McDonald's to have lunch then headed to the magic house. It was all of our first time there and let me tell you--with a 2 year old on the loose, I should have wore tennis shoes! That place is HUGE, there is sooo much to do & Landon was determined to do it all! And trust me, he did! We had a great time! We spent a majority of the time in the construction zone. Landon is ALL boy when it comes to this kind of stuff... he wants to build, work, and drive tractors all day!

and he LOOOOVED this!!!!! his eyes lit up when he seen it!!!After a couple hours at the magic house, we knew Landon was getting a little wore out so it was time to head out since we had to make a stop by target on the way home. After that Landon had just had enough. He was ready for his 2 hour nap!

Then my mom & The Belosi family came over for dinner! Let me tell you how much I love our fenced in backyard. The kids were outside playing & the adults got to hang out inside and not have to worry about a thing! Ahhh, it was amazing! :)

Once dinner was over it was time to sing happy birthday to Landon... and I was NERVOUS! this is what happened last year when we sang to him... and he absolutely refused to eat a bite!

Ohhh what a world of difference just 1 year makes!!!!! He liked it sooo much that we sang Happy Birthday 3 times!And he even ate it!!! Woooo!!!!

Present time!!

I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I was at the end of the day! Everything on my body was swollen and sore. Definitely was a long day!!! But we're up bright and early and Landon has been walking around saying BIRTHDAAAAAY! So we are definitely not going to stop celebrating just yet. His party is this Saturday. I am very thankful for all my friends & family who are coming to party with him.. you have no idea how much it means to us! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Landon!!!!!

Dear Landon,
Another year has come and gone and I just can’t believe how much you have grown! (I have a feeling I will be saying this every year!) You continue to change and grow every day, so much that when I look back at pictures of the day you were born, it’s hard to believe that you were ever really that small but I truly feel like I have known you my entire life. It is hard to remember my days before you, nor would I ever want to! You have been the best thing that has happened to your mommy & daddy!
Just in this past year you have mastered walking and now RUNNING! You definitely keep mommy on her toes! You love to jump off furniture (mommy is still thanking daddy for teaching you that!) You have gone from a baby who says a word here and there and half of them didn’t make sense, to mastering sentences! You surprise me with new words and sentences every single day!!! You have most of your colors down, and you can count to 10 (when you aren’t being a stinker and saying five and nine over and over again!) You are so smart, talented and FUNNY!!!!!
In just a few short months, you are going to be experiencing a lot of changes around our house. And I want you to know that although at first you may not like it, I promise you will grow to love your new baby sister, Layla. You will learn to love her and protect her—and maybe even share your toys with her! (Wishful thinking!!!) But most importantly, I want you to know that you are my first love. Because of you, I learned to love an entire new way, a love I didn’t know even existed!!!
I know I must have done something right in life, for God to have given me you! You’re the most perfect thing in my life. And I love you more and more everyday!!! Please know that you can always count on me, I will forever stand by your side. NO MATTER WHAT!!

And please remember one thing.... no matter how big you get, you are NEVER too big for mommy's arms!!!!!!

I love you bigger than the world!!!!!!

with all my heart,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weekend wrap up

Hello Everyone! Let me catch you back up on my life a little bit!

The weekend just flew by! We spent the entire weekend at my in-laws house up north because Dane's step sister, Ashlee got married!

Friday when we arrived we met the family for dinner at the Possum Trot, trust me-It was SOOOO much better than it sounds! The food was awesome!! We headed back to my MIL's house after dinner and crashed! The drive wore all of us out! So the THREE of us squeezed into a full size bed. Let me tell you, being 6 months pregnant and sharing a little bed with two people who don't share, SUCKS!!

Saturday morning Dane, Landon & I headed to the little town of Milford to have breakfast at the Milford Family Restaurant. It's kind of like Country Kitchen, just not half as good! lol After breakfast we walked down the street to see Paw Paw (Dane's dad, Craig. His office is about 5 doors down) And visited with him for a little bit! Then we headed to Craig's house to look at all the amazing upgrades he has done to his house since Christmas! I couldn't believe all the work they have put into it just in 6 months! It looked amazing!!!! Landon had fun playing with the outside toys, and we had one hell of a time getting him off this:

When it was time to go, he was sooo mad at us for taking him out of the truck! He didn't talk to us for about 20 minutes, and every time we talked or looked at him, we just got a nasty glare. it was hilarious! MAYBE he will get one for his birthday..or Christmas! :)

Saturday afternoon/evening was the wedding & reception! They had a short and sweet outside ceremony next to a lake off the golf course. It was beautiful! Ashlee looked absolutely STUNNING!!!! The reception was at the Golf Course Country Club. They had a huge tent sat up outside, and everything was perfect! Ashley put a lot of time & effort into it! Every detail was perfect! It almost made me want to redo our wedding over, BUT then I seen how stressed out she was, and I decided Nah! mine was perfect too! Even with the cracked out DJ! lol

Sunday we had lunch with the Luke's! Dane's Aunt Kari & Uncle Brian, Cousin Elizabeth, Grandma Marge, Dad Craig & Newly Step-Mom Deb all met us at Monicals (which is like a Imo's to them) for lunch. Brian, Kari & Elizabeth brought Landon a birthday present and of course he was too shy to open it at first, but once he seen what was inside it, he was tearing through the tissue paper throwing it at poor Grandma Marge! This is what was inside:

Along with a super cute outfit!! But back to Chuck! Have you ever seen this toy in stores?? Well I have many times, and never really payed attention to it. But lately Landon is into trucks, tractors, etc. and this truck is AWESOME!!!! he sings, dances, does wheelies! it is AWESOME!!! If you have a little boy, or buying for a little boy or heck, even a little girl who likes trucks! Buy this! You won't be sorry!!!!! Landon absolutely LOVES it!!!!

After lunch we headed home. Landon slept the entire ride home! He woke up when we were passing Sunset in Waterloo! We couldn't believe it! 4 hour nap! woooooooohooooooooo! It was a huge step up from the drive there, which he cried TO GET OUT, the ENTIRE way!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH that was a fun ride :)

Well you're basically caught back up on my life. Today is my last day of having a ONE year old. Makes me want to cry! But I am so thankful for my healthy strong growing stinker butt :)

OH and something else that's exciting. I've had 6 people come to me about invitations now! I have one reviewing the changes to her 2 favorite wedding invitations, and another contacted me this morning about doing her wedding invitations! Very excited!!! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess I've had 4 people ask about doing invitations since I posted something. very excited!!!!

*I confess we have 3 weddings this weekend and all 3 of the brides names are Ashley! creeeeeepy! Bummed we can only make it to one of them though because it's out of town!
Congratulations Brad & Ashley, Nick & Ashley & JJ & Ashlee!!!!

*I confess I am SO excited to see my in laws this weekend. They truly are my 2nd family & go out of their way to make me feel comfortable!

*I confess I keep forgetting about the 30 day song challenge, until I go to Sarah's blog. ( you're making me look bad, Sarah!!!! ;) )

*I confess I've drank 3 gallons of sun tea since last Saturday. It's friggin addicting!!!!

*I confess I am already tired of this heat. Why can't it be 75 and sunny. not 95!

*I confess that God truly gave me the best friend in the entire world!!!!

*I have watched Jason Aldean & Ludacris' performance from the CMT awards at least 50 times. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! definitely my top 5 favorite songs of all time. plus, he's sexy! ;) it's the studio version, but still GOOOOOD!!!

*I confess my kid only took a bath 2 days this week. 2 out of 4 isn't bad, right? baha. bad mom- he's clean right now if you were wondering :)

*I confess I still haven't placed my order with DC Cupcakes, and every time I see their posts on FB it makes me sad. I just can't decide on the flavors I want!!! errrrr!!

*I confess Landon has been running around the house for the last hour butt naked. His booty looked red so it needs to air out. lol trying to prevent a rash

*I confess I am glad Adrien & Ashley's kids parties are first. Just so I can creep all of their pictures to make sure I'm not forgetting anything! baha, thanks girls!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I'll be back Monday....preparing for my BABY to turn 2 on Wednesday!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

(not so) Stylish Award

Big thanks to Mrs. Roscow for giving me this award. I am very honored! :)

Now you get to enjoy reading 7 things about ME that you may or may not have already known! Enjoy!!

1. I pee with the door open, unless we have company of course. Do you find that gross? I guess I just got so use to Landon barging in, I just quit shutting the door.

2. I could eat pasta everyday of my life and never get tired of it. Red sauce, white sauce, both or butter! Doesn't matter to me!

3. I've found a love for creating invitations lately. I'm not sure what prompted it, but I could sit on the computer for hours and make them!

4. I will forever regret not going off to college after high school. I wish my priorities were in line 6 years ago, like they somewhat are now.. I don't regret where I am now, AT ALL, just would love to have an education to back me up. I do plan on going back to school---eventually.. it's just much much harder with two kids and a husband!

5. I have a fear that every time I get in the car with someone else that we are going to be t-boned or in a accident somehow.. horrible!! But when I'm not driving it scares the heck out of me and I have like flash blacks of accidents.. but from like scenes of movies. It's pretty creepy!

6. As open and outspoken as I am, I have many secrets that no one in the entire world will ever know. I don't know why, But there are somethings that I am afraid to tell people because I'm afraid of being judged.

7. The ONLY time I eat ice cream is when I'm pregnant. I don't know why, but all the other time I hate it! And Landon has only tried it once, and he won't eat it either! We're weird-o's!

So now I get to pass this on :)
I choose the lovely Jamie!

She is new to the blog world, so go on over and see what she's all about! And don't forget to become a follower!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

because somedays I know exactly how this mom felt!!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

well, hello there!!

Hello Blog Land!
I promise I didn't forget about everyone.. I check your blog
everyday, I just don't know what to blog about all the time.
Landon will be TWO in one week from tomorrow! I can't believe
it!! His party is next Saturday, we are out of town this entire weekend so
leaves little time to finish everything!
I've made a few changes to his party since I posted last about
the party... mainly just the menu changed. Having a 2 year old, being 6
pregnant and it being 100 degrees outside, I've resorted to what
be easier
for everyone (especially myself) hello less stress,
waiting for you!
Had a busy last couple days. Fence is up and I can't even tell
you how much we love it!!!!!! 15 hours of labor, my awesome hubby completed
Landon's swing set, he LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!! makes me soooo happy to see
eyes light up every time we go out back, like he's seeing it for the
first time,
every time! so cute!!!! We spent a couple days at the pool,
Landon got a little
more brave with the water each time we went.. to
he was walking in the
almost 3ft area all by himself playing
the water.
scared mommy at first, but
we stayed very close
Now only
if the weather
would drop about 10 degrees so
actually enjoy
being outside!
Today I got 1 of Dane's Father's Day gifts, I don't want to
post what I got on here *just in case* he reads this, but if anyone has any
ideas, send em my way! What do you buy for someone who says they
they want or need! Ayi yi yi, I could think of like
things I'd want
or need. lol
Tonight we are headed to Fairview to look at baby girl
bedding. I'm very excited because I haven't found anything that I LOVED
so maybe I just need to see somethings in person to know what
I'll check back in with everyone soon!
Please don't forget about me, things are just super crazy busy
right now!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Confession Friday

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood this week, but I was excited for Confession Friday when I woke up this morning. Sad, right?! :) Well, here it goes.

*I confess we still have NO fence. Nothing!!!! Just the parts and pieces taking up our driveway for the last 3 days.. Enough said.

*I confess that Landon's birthday present has made it to our house! (Thanks to the Walter's) and someway, somehow my amazing hubby is going to make

this box..

turn into this!!!
Yeah, don't ask me!! Because It just doesn't seem possible to me either! we'll see! Hopefully Landon likes his present from Mommy, Daddy & Layla! :)

*I confess a friend of mine, Gina, has a free giveaway on her facebook page Curly Gurly couture. check it out! all you have to do is LIKE the page, and she has the 500 Fan Giveaway on her main page. And browse through her headpieces and pick your favorite one, and comment on the giveaway which one is your favorite! (don't forget to add that I sent you!! ;)) The contest ends tonight at midnight! Don't miss out!!!!

*I confess I love our kids more and more everyday. Seriously, Stella's curls and that adorable smile would melt anyones heart! :)*I confess Landon has a problem with sharing, and I have NO idea how to fix that! He doesn't like anyone touching anything of his. I'm pretty sure he was even giving Stell the stink eye in the picture above, even though he was sitting in HER car! Anyone have any tips to help with that???

*I confess we still haven't got to see ANY of the pictures from last Thursdays photo session & I'm stressing out more and more as the days go by. Did she not get any good ones because my kid is a stink for pictures and shes worried to tell me that??? Eeeee!

*I confess we borrowed a steam carpet cleaner from the police station the last week and OH M GEE! Everyone should have one of these. Do you really know how nasty disgusting your carpet is, even if you vacuum EVERY.DAY. I don't think you do!!!! Not only do they LOOK amazing, but they FEEL amazing! Feels brand new again! Lovie! We're investing in one that's for sure!!!

*I confess I spelled vacuum wrong 3 times before I finally googled it. Yea, idk. I was way off tho.

*I confess I want to open a Sno Cone shop in Waterloo, because every town deserves one!!!

*I confess I've considered changing the theme of Landon's party back to the original theme. BUT now I'm questioning if I have the energy to return all the things I have bought and remake the things I have made. Naaaah. O well!

welp, it's back to cleaning and laundry! FUN!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Hopefully* I'll have swingset pictures by Monday!! :)