Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!
Link up with Sami, And check out her freaking adorable dog. Seriously, I want him!

Friday night I picked up the kiddos after work and headed to Target. After a few hours of shopping and my sisters talking me into getting a tattoo..
This is where I ended up...
Yep, This makes tattoo #3. And it wasn't one of the 2 I already have picked out. a 5 tattoo momma?!? Ekkk. Scary! 
But I love it & them!

Saturday morning Dane & I took the kids to Denny's for breakfast.  I forgot how much I love Denny's. All 4 of us PIGGED OUT!!
Then we headed home and spent a couple hours washing our vehicles. This never happens people.
We are probably known for driving the dirtiest vehicles (your comments aren't necessary Cassie. lol)
So when we woke up Sunday morning and seen it was raining, I wasn't surprised. Figured!
Anyways,  Saturday night The Donald sisters took our kiddos to the parade & picnic in Dupo.

Seriously, AWESOME girls! If you ever need a sitter, I HIGHLY suggest these girls!!!!! Landon had a BLAST and asked first thing Sunday morning if we could call Jenn and ask her to come over again!
Thanks again girls for keeping our littles for a few hours & giving us a break! :)
We headed to tequilas for dinner with my sister & her husband to celebrate her birthday!
Happy Birthday Sis!
My sisters & baby brother! Can't believe he is a senior this year!

Sunday we had a dance party in the living room while Daddy slept his hangover away.

Then headed to my dads for dinner. Filet's & Porterhouse's for everyone! Ahhh, my dad is an amazing cook!!!

Not ready for it to be Monday quite yet. I'm pretty sure I am getting strep throat, again!
Puts a big damper on my Monday morning, but filling up my gas tank for only $17 this morning started my day of pretty spectacular!!
Thank you gas pump #7 for freezing every 15 cents. According to the pump my car only holds less than 5 gallons of gas. Fine by me!

Have a great Monday.
I wish I could crawl back in bed and sleep this sore throat away!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorite Link Up!

Copying my BEST FRAND this week on Friday Favorites!
Link up!

favorite office find:
because how many of you can say you have barf bags at work? Bahaha!

favorite picture of the week:

my boys at the tractor pull on Monday <3
Silly sun!

favorite pinterest quote:
It's Friday, why not?!?!

favorite new haircut:
Clearly I wouldn't need a cut for this. but why the hell won't my hair do this?!?!?!
Love it!

favorite e-card of the week:

 bahahaha. laugh every single time!!!

favorite new site:
duh! Place your order TODAY!! You won't be disappointed!!!!!

Super excited for this weekend! So many fun things planned!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Link up with these ladies today and you are entered in a chance to win a giveaway!
Check it here!

It's OK to be excited to turn 25!!!! Seems like everyone dreads turning 25, and basically every year after that. But I AM EXCITED! I love my Birthday!
2 weeks and 2 days away. Get excited too!!

It's OK that our dinner plans were cancelled for last night. It was 106 on the ground, and about 120 in the plane in the air! Can't wait for it to cool down!!

It's OK to drink a monster! I'm addicted! Low carb is the way to go!

It's OK to be amazed how clean your toilet can get with a toothbrush. bahaha BFF!

It's OK to shake your head the entire time you are reading your bff's blog about Christmas music already. Ahhhh!!! Nooooo!!

It's OK to consider myself a queen today! I was the 1st female caller on the bull today.. therefore I am the QUEEN FOR THE DAY! and I get a free CD! Boom! Thanks Mason & Remy!!

It's OK to buy a birthday present for yourself, right?!? I want these!!!!!!!!

Link up for your chance to win!!!
Good Luck!!!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!
Lets link up!
Friday night me and the kids headed out to the park for some swinging
 and sand eating playing.

Layla doesn't yet understand why mommy won't let her eat sand. She screamed at my every time I told her no and took it out of her mouth hand.
Then we headed to McDonald's for cheeseburgers and sweet tea- Landon's choice, of course.
Where Layla gave dirty looks to everyone. bahahaha.
I'm a proud mommy! :)

Saturday we got up early, of course, and headed to the pool before it got too hot.
And the kids got to hang out with daddy for a few hours before he headed into work for the night!
Our night consisted of Caillou, frozen pizza,
side walk chalk and baths!
Oh, and shooting any bad guys who came upstairs. naked. Oh Landon!
*side note: Funniest thing happened during bath time.
My kids still take baths together. Ya, they are babies, don't judge.
But Layla has started standing in tub. and she thinks it's the COOLEST thing ever! Will not sit down, the entire time.
Well she was standing and holding onto the side, Landon was sitting. She started to fall backwards, got a grip on the side of the tub and pulled herself back up. But pulled herself so hard, she went right over the side of the tub. It literally looked like the side of the tub was a slip n slide. Luckily I had the towels sitting on the floor, right where she went face first. HILARIOUS. the 3 of us laughed for 20 minutes. Me & Landon more than her, but still. She was fine, didn't even cry.. which made it OK for mommy & Landon to CRACK UP at her!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we were up as the sun was rising so we snuggled up to morning cartoons
*isn't his little wife beater so cute! heheeh *
and made a early trip to Target. Apparently too early for Lay, she slept on the way there and home.

After unloading our target goodies, we headed to the pool for the afternoon!

My sisters & their families joined us! :)
*and I had to crop out my gut. ugh, seriously I need to do something.*

And I had the pleasure of showing my rear-end to the entire pool.
Yep, Landon walked up behind me and pulled my swim suit bottoms to my knees.
Pretty sure I won't be going back for awhile.
He's lucky I love him!!!!!!!!

We hung out with daddy for a while before he went back to work for the night again.
Then finished our night with some air guitar
and more snuggles!

Perfect Perfect weekend!!

Tonight I think we are going to take Landon to the tractor pull at the Monroe County Fair! He will LOVE IT, not so sure about sis. We will see!
Have a great Monday!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters...

Holy Crap was my morning at work BUSY!!!
Things are finally starting to calm down so I got a chance to stalk  read a couple blogs.
Boo for afternoon posts, but better late than never!

So lets get these Friday Letters Started!!


Dear Wal-Mart,
Thank you for stocking my closet with 2 more dresses!!

 Dear this quote,
. You are freaking true. end of story.

Dear Dane,
Even though we both made decisions the past 6 months that we wish we wouldn't have, Thank you for sticking by my side.
and although things are not going the way we had planned, I am glad you are still my best friend.

Dear Rain,
Where the F are you?
My grass feels like needles!

Dear ItWorks!,
Thank you for taking inches off my waist this month, but also THANK YOU for paying my car payment AND my electric bill!! And that's only having 1 party and selling wraps to friends!!!
Why wouldn't you want to join my team!?!

Dear Paycheck,
I'm going to need you to get a little larger. I need a vacation like nobodies business. Please can I win the lottery. Oh wait, I don't even play. Merrp.

Dear Regency Bitches,
I am STOKED for our reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just please don't judge my dead ends.

Dear Weekend,
You start in 45 minutes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Does 'ItWorks' really work?

 As most of you know, I became a distributor for the company ItWorks Global!

Our most popular item is the body applicator wrap.

how do they work you ask?
Here is the science behind our wraps! You’re wondering if they work, the answer is YES and you’re also wondering how…so here is a picture to show you the difference between, normal fat cells and fat cells bloated and swollen with toxins.

The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cells…where it forces toxins out of them! Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream and filtered through the kidneys and essentially are eliminated through your urine. A little fact about fat cells: When you are born, you are born with all the fat cells your body will ever have.
 However, fat can expand 1000x its original size. Fat holds toxins and CAN be shrunk, you don’t essentially “lose” fat without exercise, proper diet or surgery – but you can certainly shrink it and our skinny wraps will do just that!

Want to try the wraps?
If you host a party with me and you have 5 girlfriends (and guys, too!!) over that try a wrap for only $25, you can wrap for free!

Don't have time to host a party or attend one?
Visit my website and all of the items will be shipped directly to your front door!
or you can email, call or text me with any questions you might have!

see MY personal results HERE!!
Get Skinny!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday

Linking up today for

*SO WHAT if Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis came into my work last night and I chose to relax at the pool with my kiddos! I got to see video and pictures. I feel like I was here!

*SO WHAT if I have absolutely no idea what we and the kids are going to do every night when the pool closes. We are there almost 4 nights a week!!!!

*SO WHAT if I'm kinda jealous of all the girls who are going to be losing inches tonight at the wrap party I am doing. I just might have to wrap tonight when I get home! The results are amazing people, you should try it!!!!

*SO WHAT if people judge you without knowing the truth. the WHOLE truth. shows your character. Take your own advice, treat others how you want to be treated. because sweetie, you are MEAN!!!!!

*SO WHAT if I want to go buy a new outfit for my date tomorrow! I am excited!

*SO WHAT if I needed a hair cut like 6 MONTHS AGO. My ends are so dead. I will probably need 4 inches off to make it look OK again. Wah!

*SO WHAT if all the clothes I bought from Adrien are suppose to be for Layla NEXT year. and they ALL almost fit her now!!! Oh how I love her chub! :)

*SO WHAT that while I was at Adrien's getting the things.... I couldn't help but want to rub her belly. Nooo, I did not do it.. But seriously. TOO CUTE! I miss my prego belly.     

Happy Hump Day!
Try not to melt in this heat!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Santa, I KNOW HIM!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Nothing much going on today. It's hot as balls outside!!
I'm thinking the pool is calling my name tonight! I have a bottle of skinny girl and a customer brought me in 2 bottles of moscato..
Anyone up for a pool party with me and the kiddos?!?
While my co-workers are outside sweating their asses off, I'm going to relax in this a/c, sip on my monster and share my favorite pins for the week!
Because seriously, they can't get enough.
The anonoymus comments range from being posted at 9am to 9pm.
They are watching my every move.
I'm honored, really!

I need to stick to this. Doing 4 loads of laundry all night last night sucks.
Why do I allow myself to get so far behind?!?!
Printing this out and STICKING TO IT!!!!!

Then I come across this. Baha! Guilty!

Anyone want to attempt a t-shirt/dress making party?
Adorable! I could totally do this!

I cannot wait for my porch to look like this! C'mon fall, hurry!!!!
I can't wait to pick pumpkins with my little punkins!

And this outfit. Those shoes. Love all of it!!!

Floor, Thank you for always being there.

Ahhh. So true!!!

 On a non pinterest note: rumor has it, these two HILARIOUS fellas are coming into my work today! Sweet!!!
One of my favorite movies of ALL TIME?
Elf. Hands down. I wonder if he will sing me a Christmas carol. I will ask!

 Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!