Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Landons days with Nana Bear!

Landon has been doing so great at Daycare! Nana Bear is soo great with him & Landon just loves her! Every night when its time to go home, Landon gives Nana hugs & Kisses.. sooo sweet!!!!

"Mom?? Dad?? Are you coming back soon"

Friday, July 16, 2010

she works hard for the money.....

soo hard for it honey!! :)

Tuesday July 13th I had a job interview at Ace Grease Service in Millstadt. I got a call on the 14th saying I GOT THE JOB and I was going to start THE NEXT DAY!! So I had 24 hours to get prepared to go back to work FULL TIME and for reality to set in that Landon would be going to a daycare 40 hours a week. It definitely wasn't enough time to let it all sink in because I cried both morning on the way to work, and I cry just thinking about it! I know it will get easier...But right now, it is SO HARD! But since Dane's hours have been cut at the police station, we are struggling so bad. So I have to suck it up! I made it 2 days so far, my boss Chrisy is VERY nice! I really think I'm going to like it there! Look for new updates later...I'll be sure to let you know if I'm still enjoying it! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid!

Today was my nephew & Landon's best friend Jayden's 2nd Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese! I honestly think everyone at the party had a blast. I seen every adult & kid playing for the entire 4 hours we were there! Landon loves the kiddy zone! He goes from toy to toy. Maaa & Daaa just follow behind making sure he's OK! He is becoming such a independent little man!! :)

Vroom Vroom. Jayden unwillingly taking Landon for a ride on his new motorcycle! He drove about 3 feet & said "Get Off Lannon!" We'll give it a couple days & they will be cruz'n all over the place together! :)

summer fun!

This weekend we went to the Millstadt Fireman's Picnic & Landon got to go on the carival rides for the 1st time! well, at least the cars & the slide!

"Hey Daaaa & Maaaa"

Best Friends <3

Bathing Buddies!

Landon & Jaydens 1st playtime bath!!
hehe such cuties & best friends!

I absolutely love that Landon & my nephew Jayden are so close in age!

& when Julian arrives he is going to fit perfectly in this tub!!! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

curious Landon...

Hey Stella...Whatcha got under there?!?!?!
hehehe :)

our day at Grants Farm

On July 5th Dane & I decided to take Landon, Jay & Jacob to Grants Farm

Landon loved to feed the goats..We had a great day although it was 100 degrees out! Landon loved to see all the animals and of course loved hanging out with his cousins all day! He even loved the horses...although he called them "dooooogggggg" hehe

It was a long day, when we got home Landon & Daddy took a long nap!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

our Gerber baby

I entered Landon in the Gerber Generation Photo Contest. We think he has what it takes & hopefully we will have your vote too!!!

You can vote once a day per email address! But even if you can only vote once...every vote counts!!!!!

All you have to do is go to http://www.gerber/com/photo/#/vote/ and search Landon in Cahokia.

Voting starts on July 3rd and ends July 31st.

1st place winner gets to appear in a Gerber ad & gets a $25,000 Scholarship!!!!

Thank you for your support!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

night away!

Dane & I went on a float trip last weekend & left Landon for an overnight trip for the very first time! Landon was staying with grandma Debbie so I knew he would be in great hands...But it was SOOOO hard to put him in the car seat in my moms car and walk away knowing I wasn't going to be there to tuck him in, and give him morning kisses when he wakes up and crawls on my head to get me up! lolWe were suppose to be gone Friday-Sunday but I missed him so incredibly much we decided to leave Saturday night and go get him!!We definitely enjoyed our night away, but I think 2 nights away for the first time was definitely not a good idea!
baby night at a time!!!

Here is maaa & daaa enjoy our night :)

hot summer days!

Red Bud Fireman's Parade...
What better way to spend a 100 degree Sunday!
But there is only so much candy, beads and sirens one little guy can take... so we found a shade tree and he was out like a light!!! Then pretty Stella came to join him! Topless like her mother in her wild days! Haha Just kidding Cass! :)