Monday, December 31, 2012

fresh start to a new year

Life Lately..
My MawMaw (mom's mom) turned 90 last week!!!!
She is an amazing person! SO FUNNY! I definitely get my smartassness from her!!
She even hit on Dane on our way to dinner.
She didn't remember him at first and when he opened the door for her as we were helping her in the car, she said "oh my, who is that" then when he walked away to go to our car, she said "well where is he going, he can come with us" 
bahahahaha. Yep. my 90 year old grandma hit on my husband.

My Grandmother (dad's mom) was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 brain and lung cancer.
Such a hard thing to type.
She is at the hospital as we speak getting the tumor (1) in her lung removed, and goes back tomorrow for the tumors (8) on her brain.
Radiation starts Wednesday. 
Please keep her in your prayers!!!!
F U Cancer!!!!

This past weekend
 We got all the Luke boys in for a picture!
I love this!
Left- Dane's Dad Craig, Dane, cousin Ian, uncle Bryan 
and of course, Landon (giving a evil grin! stinker) 
love this! :)

happy last day of 2012!
I am more than ready to start 2013! This year was by far one of the hardest. I have had some highs, and I have definitely hit my lowest of lows. As well as so many of my loved ones.
I am ready for a fresh start!!!
I definitely think it has made me a stronger person. I have learned a hell of a lot...and once again, who my true friends are. Who is going to stick by your side through thick and thin. I am so thankful for them!!!!
Cassie. Seriously, Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!
I have met (well, not yet met) a girl who is one of the strongest, sweetest, most caring person I've ever met!
I knew when we met online and started talking that we would be BFF'S! Even miles away!!! 11 days!!! I can't wait!!
Kim- Thank you for picking my ass up and showing me a good time anytime I need you. You helped me more than you will ever know!!! 
L&L- I am happy because of you. You are by far the BEST thing that has EVER happened to me, and I am here today and able to pick myself up and move on from this year because of you! I thank god for you!!!!!
Definitely want to put this year in the past. But I will never forget what it has taught me!

Hope everyone has a great, safe New Years!!!!! 
I can't wait! 
Tomorrow is a fresh, new start for everyone! 
Love you all!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Crazy Elf Mom

Apparently that's my new nickname to a few people.
If you don't like the idea, just shut up.
Overachieving because of a elf? really!
I'm sorry you're too lazy to take 2 minutes to move your elf, or too cheap to buy a elf.
If it's not for you, so what.
Personally your opinion means nothing to me when I see my little mans eyes light up, or he would wake up and the first thing he would do is run looking for her, and Layla start talking Chinese pointing at her when she would find her.
THEY are the reason behind it. THEY are the reason why Christmas is so magical!!
Sorry I'm not sorry that some of you are scrooges! 

rant over. moving on!

I'm doing this posts so some of you non scrooges have ideas for your elf next year, and so I remember some of them too! :)

I bought the Elf on the Shelf not knowing how Landon would react to it.
His first words were "mom, this is just a toy, she isn't real"
So I told him to think about Buzz & Woody. How they come to life when Andy wasn't looking.. from that moment on, he was beyond excited!

How did Rosie get her name?
Have you ever seen the show Caillou?
Landon's obsessed. and that's Caillou's little sisters name.
He was all about the book. the first night we read the book to him probably 15 times. 

Snow Angels
 Snow Flakes 
Putting the ornaments Layla knocked off back on the tree 
 We were snowed in, and left a little message 
Our tree was tee-peed  
Making balloon animals 
 hung our underwear on our stockings
 Rudolph Landon & Rudolph Layla
(probably Landon's favorite. He couldn't believe Rosie painted their nose while they were sleeping) 
 gone fishing
 Measuring the fireplace, making sure it was big enough that Santa could fit.
Watching Dane a little too much, she started to act like him...
Doing her business on the cookies. 
Roasting marshmallows 
 Layla was pretty amazed ;)
Skiing with Snowman 
 Snowball fight with Sock Monkey
Kissing booth
(Landon's 2nd favorite. He asked so many times to give Rosie a kiss.) 
Stealing ornaments. 
(house is a mess with toys.. whats's new)
(Landon's response, "mom, I've never had a mustache before." hehe)
Balloon ride 
Both kids were brats. all they got was a note!
And the goodbye note.
Landon was sad to see Rosie go, but she will definitely be back next year... 
you know, because I am a crazy elf mom! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Can you help baby Abby?

Want to know how you can win this awesome painting?

The painting is valued at $2000.


Want to know how you can help this sweet little girl?

Abigail Foster, daughter of Rebecca Sharer and TJ Foster suffers from the rare childhood autosomal recessive disorder Ch├ędiak–Higashi Syndrome. The disease affecting both the immune and nervous systems is so rare that Abby is one of the only four diagnosed living children worldwide. 

The bid ends TOMORROW and is only at $150. 

The painting could be yours for only $200, and your helping send this sweet baby home!

 Please Help Abby!!!!
Even if you can't bid, please share.. someone you know might be able to help!

Weekend & Christmas all wrapped up into one!

Holy Food/Christmas Coma. 
I worked Christmas Eve and Yesterday but I did not have enough energy to do a post.
So, here is my long overdue wrap up!

Friday night was my work Christmas party. Low-Key party at our office. Lots of food and booze! We had a great time!

I have the best boss. Hands down!
Me & Kim with our Boss, Bill!
My Christmas card from B!
With a nice bonus
and this adorable North Face hat! LOVE!

After party with Berly!

Saturday we loaded up and headed out shopping. 
We took Landon to Rural King for the first time.
OMGosh. Tractors GALORE. Landon was loving every second of it.
And Santa was there.
Lay still wasn't a fan.
Then we went to Hooter's for lunch again. Landon's choice.
That's the only place he wants to go out to eat. SMH!!!!!!!

Then we headed to Toys R Us.
If anyone has a extra $170 and wants to buy Layla something, this is what she wants. 
SO stinkin' cute! She didn't want to get off.
She even did the arch her back, throw her head back when we took her off. Home girl has learned to throw fits. It ain't pretty.

Saturday night was a low key, dinner at home, snugglin night!
Absolutely loved it!
I attempted cooking crab legs for the first time.
Joe's Crab Shack ain't got nothin on me!
It was amazing! for about 1/4 of the price.

Sunday I had plans to finish my shopping. But I couldn't get out the door alone.

Little man wanted to spend the day with his momma. It made finishing shopping a little difficult, but I wasn't saying no.

We headed to target first and got Pop the Pig.
And Landon shouts across the store "look mom, You can see his wiener" 
omg. I died.
LMAO. Oh Landon!!
Of course we went somewhere that serves sweet tea. Only the best for the best!

After I got home, Dane took both kids back out shopping so I could start wrapping.
I filled my boot up
and made this...
turn into this
only took about 3 hours and a bottle of wine. 
Not too bad!

Christmas Eve with L&L :)
this was probably the hardest picture to get. Lay was pissy and Landon wanted to do his spiderman moves for the picture. lol

Christmas morning we were up bright and early and Landon's excitement for everything was absolutely priceless!!!!!!! 
They are definitely what keeps me going everyday! 
And Lay was worried about who was going to get Santa's left over cookies. Don't worry. She did!

After a long day spent with family and putting together toys, we called it night early and I was back to work the next day!

2 more Christmas parties this weekend. 
I don't know where we will put more toys!!!
Not a bad problem to have!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Friday!!

                                                                 Hey Y'all! Happy Friday
Work has been CRAAAAAY! 
Stole this from my girl Nikki's blog! Check her out! She's ADORABLE, the sweetest girl EVER, and her pup is freaking caaaaaaute!!!!

Listening...Rihanna- Cheers. My weekend is about to start and my work Christmas party is tonight. Whoooooop!

Eating...Nothing. Saving my calories for drinks tonight! :)


Wearing...Jeans, tall brown FLAT boots and a brown sweater with a leopard necklace. love being comfy!

Feeling...Excited for the party tonight. Excited for Christmas next week!!!

Weather...COLD. Eff this cold weather!!!!!!!!!! and this wind blows. literally. drop 20 pounds over night. and no stretch marks. and big tits. geesh, nothing like a confidence boost Kim. 

Thinking...I need a part time job. December kicks my ass.  
also thinking i should send this to someone, but they stalk my blog.. so here ya go!

the last 15 minutes of work! my countdown to the Nashville trip, San Antonio and CANCUN!! 2013 sounds pretty amazeballs so far!!!


I'll be working Christmas Eve. BOO!

Merry Christmas!!!!!! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've been nominated! Whooooooop!

I was beyond excited when I opened my email last week to find that A Tinge of Whimsy was nominating me for a award! 
You know,  a blogging award! Yaah! 
Totally made my day!

I've seen a few of these, but if you're being tagged and have never heard of it before:

here are the rules:
1) Each blogger nominated must post 11 things about themselves
2) Then answer the 11 questions the tagger has asked
3)Blogger must then create 11 questions of their own to ask the bloggers they decide to nominate
4) They must choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate and link them on their blog post
5)Bloggers must be notified of their award!
6) No tag backs!

Well, here we go! Sorry ahead of time if I ramble on and on and on! :)

1. I am absolutely terrified of the dark. especially if I'm in a basement and have to turn the lights off before I go upstairs.
I run so fast up the stairs you'd think the place was on fire.
Once I was running (literally as fast as I could) upstairs at our old house while holding Dane's heavy  mag flash light. Slipped and fell, and managed to give myself a black eye with the flash light.

2. my favorite color is glitter. and leopard! :)

3. I've had 10 cars in 9 years.
how is that possible??

4. I randomly blurt out the word "bitch". 
Am I calling you a bitch? Most likely NOT. I just say it.
At the tv,  people driving down the road, at McDonald's. Lol you name it.

5. I love my wine (moscato) on the rocks. (obviously)

6.  I love wearing heels. Even though most of my friends are shorter than me, and i feel like a giant. I wear them probably at least 5 days a week.

7. I've worked in aviation for almost 5 years (on and off) and I am so eager to learn to fly.
It scares the hell out of me. BUT I will learn..someday!

8. My dream job is to own my own winery.

9. I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother. 
And I have NO IDEA what I would do without them!!!

10.  I am EXTREMELY insecure about my body!!!

11.   I love country music. Everything about it. I'm planning my first trip to Nashville in a few weeks and I have a feeling I'm not going to want to leave!!!!!
(secretly hoping Luke Bryan makes a  surprise appearance at the bar we are at)

Now on to the questions that were given to me:

1) What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition?
Definitely our annual family cookie day!! It's usually about a week before Christmas. It's a entire day of baking, eating and drinking with the family!

2) Movies or books and what is a favorite?
There are only a few books that I've actually read that are movies, but I always seem to get more into the movie than a book. The Twilight series is awesome tho! 
(Team Edward fo life!)

3) Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? 
Extrovert. I think we can all agree on this one.

4) What is your favorite season and why?
My birthday. Duh!
or Christmas!!

5) flats or heels?
but i love my new sperrys!!

6) facebook, twitter or instagram?
1. facebook. addicted!!!
2. instagram. not sure about it anymore since the new privacy policy has been posted.
what are your thoughts?
3. twitter. i use it sometimes. can't seem to get into "tweeting"
where is myspace on this list? :)

7) what's your favorite cocktail. Any particular memory tied to it?
Malibu & Diet. 
I usually don't remember much after drinking them. 
Kidding! kinda..

8) what languages do you speak? Any you'd like to learn?
English and sarcasm. 
usually just sarcasm.
I never took Spanish in HS. Wish I would have. I would love to know a few things when I go to Cancun in April!

9) What is your favorite type of music? Favorite artist/song
Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Lee Brice, Jake Owen, Jana Kramer...
and a few others :)

10) what do you enjoy most about blogging?
meeting some AMAZING new friends!!!!!!

11) are you more likely to DIY or buy something for your house?
Well according to my pinterest I am a DIY queen. But if you seen my house.. you would know I buy EVERYTHING. boo. Something I want to change in 2013! I want to be more crafty!

Here are my questions for my nominees:

1.  What do you like to do on your free time?

2. What is your favorite movie of all time?

3.  What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite food there?

4. What is your dream job?

5. Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you?

6. What is your dream car?

7.  What is your drink of choice?

8. What is the best gift you have ever been given?

9.  What was your favorite childhood toy?

10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

11.  Not counting family…what do you feel your greatest accomplishment is so far in life?

I have nominated:

Ladies, Please let me know when you post. 
I'd love to read more about you!!!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silence & Support for Sandy Hook

Daniel. Olivia. Charlotte. Josephine. Ana. Allison. Madeleine. Dylan. Catherine. Chase. Jesse. Grace. James. Emilie. Jack. Noah. Caroline. Jessica. Benjamin. Avielle. Dawn. Victoria. Rachel. Mary. Anne Marie. Lauren.  
You'll never be forgotten.