Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swimsuits & Spray Tans

I don't mean to brag.. WAIT, YES I DO!
I will be here TOMORROW!!!
 I am SO EXCITED!! and so nervous. I was up again at 3 this morning thinking of everything I need to add to my suitcase. 

If you follow my IG, you already seen this. but for those that don't, here is a peek at my swimsuit.
I had it custom made on Etsy.com.
I found a swimsuit to cover my fat, and I feel GOOD in it!
Although I thought it was coral and leopard, I LOVE IT!!!
I've learned high waisted swimsuits aren't for everyone. but don't knock it til' you try it. especially if you don't have 2 babies! :)

Mani/Pedi. Check 

Months of tanning. Check

(Even got a spray tan last night to ensure I'm not the palest person in Mexico)
Since we're already talking about tans.. Let's talk about how I talked Dane into getting a spray tan last night.......
Lets just say I'm glad a lot of it washes off in the shower.
I have 5 coats on my face. He has 2. 
WHY his is face so much darker than mine?!?!!?!? LOLOL
(No we're not naked. I have a tube top on. lol)

He's going to kick my ass for posting this picture!

Hope everyone has a great week! I will play catch up on your blogs next week!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!
Praying these next 2 days FLY by.
Wednesday this momma is leaving for CANCUN!!!!! Whoop! 
Does anyone get as nervous as I do right before a vacation? 
Like, can't sleep, can't eat, STRESSED.OUT!!
Aahhh! And the thought of leaving these two 
makes me not even want to go!!!!
I think I can, I think I can!

Let's wrap up the weekend!

Who doesn't love eating cookies the size of their face.

Bread Co. I love you. That's all.

As if our home isn't CRAZY enough as it is... we added this little rat hamster to the chaos.
Meet Bubbles.
She's only got out of her cage once so far. 
Landon says it wasn't his fault even though he left her cage open.

Friday night I did a lot little of shopping with my sister Amber. Trying to get all last minute things for our trip. After several hours and several dollars, I think we did pretty good!!!!

Saturday the kids and I went to scope out some yard sales while Dane was off to take a HAAAAAAUGE test.
HE PASSED!!!!!!!!
 but the worries aren't over yet.
Cross your fingers for us.

Saturday night we headed over to the Odom's for a play date. The kids had a blast. 
Adults- 10. Kids- 8. We were almost out numbered. How and when did this happen?

Landon thought Faye's house was so cool!!!! 

And the girlies had a good time hanging out!
Just don't bring wings next time. It ruins the party..

Sunday Lay & I headed out to get a few things and spend the morning/afternoon together. We had a fun lunch planned, but she decided a nap was more important.
so we headed home and hung out with dad & Landon for a little bit then it was off to my niece Emma's birthday party at the bowling alley.
Then finished the day off hanging out with the neighbors. aka Landon's new best friend, Tate.
roasting wieners and making s'mores.

All in all, relaxing weekend with our littles!!!
Hope every had a awesome weekend!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey there!

Hey guys!
Where have I been? Shit, I don't know!
Staying busy with L&L, Work, ItWorks AND possibly making one of my dreams come true.
more on that another day.
but for now, lets catch up!

If you read my post around NYE about my grandmother being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung and brain cancer..
She lost her battle on March 22.
Cancer is not something my family has ever had to deal with.
and it was by far the hardest thing to witness. I relive the last moments in my head over and over again, and just break down in tears.
Amber. me (Layla) Brandi & Grams

F you Cancer!!!!!!

I've been in such a on going funk.
Like for 2 months. I have so much to be happy about.
Pity Party of 1 right here.
I'm bored with certain things in my life.
wait, I'm a mom. to 2 wild childs.
Of course I'm never bored bored.
Seriously, how big are they?!? Landon will be 4 in less than 2 months, and Layla is 18 months.
and check out her pretties!!! After making the 4th appointment, Dane finally went with me and made me get her ears pierced. and I am SO glad I finally did it!! she looks so adorbs!

Other than my kids growing like a weed, nothing much has changed.
I'm still obsessed with shopping online, monster, and Luke Bryan. You haven't missed much!
Doing a few upgrades around the house. I might post pictures of that later.
After a little heart to heart, shit is gettin' done!

Cancun in a week from tomorrow  = swim suit...
Excuse me while I go vomit.

Stay tuned for making one of my dreams come true. It's gonna happen people!
It's A&A...