Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I had a blast at the Miranda Lambert concert with the girls...even with NO ALCOHOL involved!! whoop!!

I confess that I've been called a bully. I don't think I have ever really "bullied" anyone around, I just stand up for myself and my friends. I guess if that makes me a bully, then o well, so be it.

I confess that there are very few people in this world that I can honestly say I trust. And as for everyone else, well.. you suck!!

I confess that my hubby and I are going out on our SECOND date this MONTH!! yes, you heard that right!! Tomorrow night we are going to dinner & a movie again! Starting to feel like the old days again!!!!

I confess that I ate Del-Taco at midnight last night, and I woke up this morning with no shit up my back. (Bahahaha Katie!!!) OK, Sorry that was gross.. long story!

I confess that I am dying to know the sex of my baby, but in the back of my mind.. I really would LOVE to not find out. I just can't imagine going into the delivery room so unprepared. that scares me.

I confess that my match-making has truly worked! I really think Landon loves Stella! Last night when Cassie picked me up, Landon was like "Stella, Stella, Stella" then went to the window to look for her and then the front door. He couldn't figure out why Cassie was here, with no Stella. lol too cute! :)

I confess that the #1 and probably only reason why I would like to go back to work is so I can blog more. baha, horrible right!

I confess that I HATE this weather. I am so ready for spring!! not 70 degree weather, then snow. then 70 degree..... you get the picture!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Play Date??

I was thinking about setting up a play date.

I have faith that the weather is going to take a turn for the better soon, and we will be able to enjoy a afternoon at a park with all the kiddos.

I figured if we planned ahead for the last weekend of March or the beginning of April, we would be able to find a date that works out for everyone!

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is 9 weeks!
woo hoo!

almost 1/4 of the way done..


This week I have felt GREAT. Like I'm not even pregnant!!
Which is a HUGE step up from the last 2 weeks.
Nauseous for 2 weeks and vomiting for 2 nights = NO FUN!
I haven't had any crazy cravings this week.
Nothing like last week when I cried for 20 minutes in the bathtub because Dane wouldn't go get me fried pickles. yes, that happened.

Baby seems to be growing good because my jeans are getting TIGHT and they hurt!!! How can something the size of a large olive make me so fat. Guess its all my excessive eating. whoops.Even the rubber band trick isn't going to hold out much longer!!!
I dream about Baby almost every night. I am always laying in bed and just watching my belly move around. It feels so real in my dream. I felt Landon move around at 16 weeks. So about 7 more weeks until I feel it again. I am so excited!!!
On another note.
Landon has officially hit the TERRIBLE 2's. Full Force this week.
Monday for example. Crappy, Rainy day so I figured we would have a nice chill day at home. 9am I let the dogs out to do their business, 9:05 they are wanting back in. Our backyard isn't fenced in yet, so we have to keep them on leashes. They come to the backdoor and jump in so I can undo their leashes and they go to the basement. (we don't have a deck or stairs on the back door yet either.... we're getting there people, I promise) So anyways. Landon loves to throw the leashes outside once they are off the dogs and shuts the door & we are off to the next adventure. Well there he was holding the leashes as I put the dogs in the basement. I make it back to the kitchen. NO Landon. Back door is wide open. So I run to the backdoor and what do you know. Landon is running across the backyard in his jammies and socks. IN THE POURING RAIN!! He sees me coming over him and he runs even harder. We are almost to the neighbors yard before I finally caught up to him!!
Really Landon?!?!?! It's 40 degrees outside and its pouring. Why in the world would you think this is a good idea?!?!?
So I'm sure you can imagine how the rest of our day went.
Oh and his favorite word is NO.
Mommy-Landon, do you want to take a bath?
Landon- NO!
Mommy- Landon, Please don't climb on the table!
Landon- NO!
Mommy- Landon, please hand me the remote you just threw across the room.
Landon- NO!
UGH! I wanted for him to talk sooo bad. Now I just want to scream every time he tells me NO! So frustrating!!!!

PS. 2 days until Miranda Lambert!!!!! I am soo excited!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey, It's OK..

.... to spend the afternoon at the park to avoid cleaning the house!

.... to be jealous that my bf is going to the Oprah show with someone else..

.... to be bummed I can't drink at all the summer concerts. There is always next year, right!?!?

.... to admit I was in such a hurry to get Landon's room finished. and he has only slept in there once. well twice, if you count the nap right now.

.... to beg your husband to get you photoshop, and he finally does and I haven't figured out how to do anything with over 2 months. ugh, I just don't get it!!!!

.... to start decorating for Easter.. In February. I mean, C'mon.. Its 74 degrees out.. that makes it OK.. Right?!?!

This was fun!! I'll try to remember to do this next Thursday!!! :)

Hello evening can leave at anytime!!!

I had such a easy pregnancy with Landon. I truly thought this one was going to be the exact same. the first 8 weeks I felt normal...well exactly the same as I did with Landon at least. Boy was I wrong. This week I have felt nauseous every night from 4-9pm. No fun! and last night, it finally got the best of me. I spent a hour in the bathroom throwing up (TMI) everything I've had to eat the last week. at least that's what it felt like.

So anyways. Landon and I slept up in the guest room last night because Daddy has the flu bug. yep, that's 2 of us fighting over the bathroom! no fun at all!!

Thursday we wake up, the sun is shining & we are feeling wonderful!!!! Daddy goes into work a little late and Landon & I head off to Bobecks for lunch with Maw Maw Maw Maw, Aunt Brandi, Jayden & Julian.

Finally. FRIED PICKLES!!!!!

not to mention the waitress messed up my order. twice. how hard is it to make tacos. really? O well. So we boxed up our food and left. This momma needed some fresh air! So Landon and I went driving..searching for a park. & this is what we found...

Check out the view from this park! So beautiful!!

Perfect excuse why the house is still a mess from the night before. Its just to pretty outside to spend the day inside!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a secret for a month, when you are sooo excited about it that you want to stand on the rooftop and scream it out for everyone to hear... haha.
Well today I can finally tell EVERYONE.

We are expecting baby #2!!!!!!
We had our first doctors appointment today.
I am 7 weeks, 5 days.
Due September 28th!!

Baby appears to be healthy, with a strong heartbeat of 161!

(I just know its a boy again! Landon was at 165 the entire time...but who knows!)

I have a very large cyst on my right ovary, but the doctor doesn't seem to be too worried about it because it is a empty cyst.. ?whatever that means?
We have to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't grow. But as of now, it has no effect what so ever on baby! :)

PS. Landon is SOOO excited to be a big brother!!!! hehe

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!! >