Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brother Bump vs. Sister Bump

Brother Bump vs. Sister Bump36 weeks with Landon!
36 weeks with Layla!

How Far Along: 36 weeks!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +18 lbs

Maternity Clothes: they are all getting too small. I'm down to a few shirts that fit comfortably and 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of capris. so if you see me wearing the same clothes over and over again, don't judge.

Sleep: lacking that a lot lately,. I am very uncomfortable. avg 4-5 hours a night

What I miss: beer. yep, I'm too the point where all I want is a beer!!!! lol

Cravings: Airheads. weird.

Symptoms: swelling, fat and just wore the heck out!!!!! Layla is measuring big according to doc, so at this rate--she might be coming sooner than we thought!!!! whoa, baby!

Best Moment this week: Henry being born! duh!!!!
and having weekly doctor appointments now, Finally being far along enough to get checked. even though I haven't made any progress yet.. there is always hope for next week!!!

Layla's room!

Sneak peek of Layla's not yet finished room! :)

Adorable crib!!!
dresser & my favorite, her blocks!
a view looking in!My first attempt at making a bow holder!
love her lamp!

I don't have very good pictures of the room, so if you're still curious what everything looks like, just stop on by anytime & check it out!!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I had every intention on sharing Layla's room with the world today. It is about 90% of the way finished so I was going to get up early and take pictures and post them.. but when my alarm went off at 5:30, I decided that extra 20 minutes of sleep was much more important. sooo, you have to wait.
I will however share my absolute favorite part of her room....

I confess when Cassie said she didn't know how to use a breast pump, or even how to hold it.. This picture is all I could think about. LOL Easy enough, right Cass?
6a0133f30<span class=
ps. if my stomach looked like that after just having a kid, i'd love life. psht. whatever

I confess that today is my bff's due date! As excited as I am for her that the day is FINALLY here.. I feel so sorry for her. I know how exhausting the end is, and she needs a break soo bad. I hurt for her! :(( C'mon Henry!!!!!!!!

I confess NOTHING FITS. I am growing out of all my maternity clothes. My elastic panel on my jeans are soooo tight, I seriously feel like Layla is going to come out with a deformed head because they are pushing on my stomach so hard.

I confess after whining about being so fat yesterday and nothing fitting before going to work, I stopped and got a nutter butter blizzard. yep, that made me feel better!

I confess that typing Landon's birth story last night made me so emotional. I sat at my desk and cried like a baby! Why do they get so big, so fast?!?!?

I confess that there are some people that just don't know when to give up. If you put half as much effort into our friendship as you did your excuses, we would be great friends. I'm over it.

I confess Pinterest is helping me get through the work day..
Cassie- I finally figured it out...

seriously, I think I peed a little.
love this.

Happy Friday everyone!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Landon's Birth Story!

Well, here I sit with a little boy who isn't so little anymore and 8 months pregnant! I figured if I don't get Landon's birth story written, when would I find the time to get both Landon AND Layla's done!

On the evening of June 14th, 2009, I sat at home with Dane, my mom & sister Brandi watching the clock waiting for 9pm to come around for the hospital to call me to tell me they had a room available for me. Let me tell you, those are the longest hours of your life. I sat there, so ready to go deliver my baby, not nervous one bit. 10, 11, 12 rolls around. No call! Could they have forgotten about me?!?! So I decided to give them a call! Sorry, no room for you at this time, wait for us to call you! Ahhh! OK. Maybe I'll try and get some sleep. I swear it seemed like 2 minutes after I closed my eyes and fell asleep that my phone was ringing. It was the nurse telling me to come in now, they had a room open! Annnnd the nerves set in. I was so nervous to leave the house. I had prepared for this moment for what seemed to be a lifetime, but suddenly I wasn't ready!!! Grandpa Dane drove of course, so I had plenty of time on the ride there to get even more nervous! It's now around 3am once we got settled into our room.
Dang! That's one big belly! :)

4am They start the pitocin and I am checked for the 1st time. At a 3 and ready to go! They told me if nothing is happening by 7 or 8 am that my doctor would be in to break my water.
Around 4:30 my sisters went to get me something to drink and next thing I remember is my sister Amber leaning over my bed asking me what flavor juice I wanted and I heard "pop" it sounded exactly like a water balloon busting!! I said "what was that???" and I was soaked! I shouted loud enough for everyone on my floor to hear "MY WATER BROKE!!" I was so excited, well for about 5 seconds, then I realized Holy crap, this was really happening. and I am soaking wet! Like literally, they had to change my bed 10 different times because there was so.much.water!!!!! I decided to hold off on the epidural until I felt actual labor pains. they told me the anesthesiologist was just minutes away so whenever I decided to get it, let them know!
Let me just tell you this, contractions when your water is not broke compared to contractions when your water is broke IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. They were 50 times stronger within 2 minutes! Holy cow, Yea.. I'm no super woman.. I'll take the drugs! and thankfully he was in the room ready to hook me up within 5 minutes!!!!
From there I progressed 1 cm per hour. Around noon I was fully dilated and ready to push! So I pushed with the nurse a few times. Landon didn't like this! his heart rate was dropping dramatically. after trying different positions of pushing, his heart rate was getting lower, and lower.
Dane was a nervous wreck. He was rearranging the room and going to the bathroom in between every contraction. I felt sooo bad for him! But I guarantee we had the cleanest room out of anyone on our floor. He cleaned that son of a gun 700 times LOL
The nurses decided that putting a internal monitor on Landon's scalp would be the best thing to do. Apparently I had lost too much water too quickly, and he was basically sitting inside a deflated balloon. So in went the water again. Everything was such a blur to me, I honestly had no idea what was going on, I was so out of it, there were nurses everywhere and I WAS SCARED!!! A c-section was the last thing I wanted, but I knew if it was the best thing for Landon, I would be more than ready to have one!
After putting the water back in and monitoring him internally, he seemed to be doing ok again and I was able to push! 2 hours of pushing later, here comes God. aka Doctor Snowden. Why hadn't he been in the room this entire time. I would have felt much more comfortable with him than the nurses. He lightened the mood, and told me he wanted a baby, and he wasn't leaving that room without one. He meant business-- and that is exactly what I needed because 2 hours of pushing, I was exhausted!!!!!!!
Landon had decided last minute that he wanted to be born sunny side up! Thats why I was pushing for sooooo long, and getting no where. He was in a position that doesn't like to bend very well in the birth canal. and only about 5% of women are able to deliver a baby vaginally so I definitely got lucky!!!!!
My epidural had worn off at this point so he had to give me a shot, and do a little dirty work with the knife, and 3 pushes later he placed this in my arms...
I suddenly had no more pain, no worries, no other thoughts other than this little guy that I was holding. Every problem I had in the world was GONE so quickly! Definitely love at first sight!!!!

He didn't make a sound. I kept asking if he was Ok, and they kept telling me he was perfect! Landon didn't make his first sound until they took him out of my arms.
His first cries.
Daddy's little boy!
Landon Craig was born on June 15, 2009 at 2:51pm
weighing 7 pounds 9 oz, 21.5 inches and absolutely perfect!
This little boy has forever changed my life.
So handsome at 1 day old.
ps. I absolutely love his chunky wrists. hehe!
true love <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

Confession Friday!!

I confess that if you ever need it to rain, let me know. I will plan a party for that day and WAAALAA! Enough rain to flood my backyard! Blah. But rain or shine, I'm so excited for tomorrow!!! :) I'm soo thankful my mom, sisters and bff have put so much time and effort into making it all happen!

I confess Landon came to visit my work today for the first time. He was in heaven!! The kid is obsessed with airplanes!!! I think I'm going to start planning his 3rd birthday party already. baha. OK, maybe not quite yet..I still have 10 months! ;)

I confess my best friend's due date is 1 week from today! As jealous as I am of her to already be done, I am so so so so soooooo excited to meet my nephew Henry aka my future son in law! hehe

I confess I am STILL looking for a home for our dog, Lola. 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband.. I just took on more than I can handle I think! So if you know anyone looking for a dog, please let
me know!!!!

I confess I joined Pinterest. (Cassie just said YAY under her breath! lol) and I confess I don't really understand it.. at all. But I came across a picture of the sexiest man I think I've ever seen in the entire life. Umm yeah, I think I love pinterest. haha jk? Oh. And I already have 3 followers. idk how, but SWEET!
anywoo, I found this.
and I want to hang this somewhere in my house. LOVIE!!

I confess the past few days I've really thought about packing mine & Layla's hospital bag. And I really have NO idea what to put in it. I can't remember. Google-- what would I do without you??? And I still have absolutely NO idea who is going to take care of Landon while we are in the hospital. My mom was my #1 resort--but my sister just booked a trip to Jamaica the day after my due date, and my mom is watching her 4 boys. I'm a little nervous...

I confess Old Navy's facebook page has a 30% off one item coupon today! Starts today & good until the 25th! Print as many as you want and hope you get a nice cashier that will do more than 1 separate transaction! :)

I confess I can't wait to get a new tattoo.. But I can't seem to make a decision on what I want. And I really have no idea where I even want it at. but I have a tattoo picked out for Dane that i want him to get. lol He has 0. I think if I get a little crown in him, he will get one with me! :)

I confess I have looked at this picture of Landon..
10,000 times since yesterday and I keep saying in my head.
WHEN DID MY BABY GET SOOO BIG!?!?!?!?!?!? Geesh!

Happy Friday to all! I'm getting a mom-to-be massage before the bbq tomorrow... spoiling myself just a tad! but I got the gift card for mother's day, and I don't want to end up like Sarah K and have this kid before I get it! lol
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playing catch up!

Let's just start off by saying I had a great birthday! Turning 24 hasn't felt any different at all. haha! I had a great time at bunco on Friday and met a group of great girls!
My awesome hubby & Landon sent me flowers to work and I got a lot of gift cards from family & friends to help me buy clothes once the baby weight comes off! I'm secretly so excited all the GC's are to places they don't sell baby clothes at..Don't get me wrong, I love buying new things for my kiddo's, but Momma deserve
s new things too, right :)
and My BFF surprised me with the BEST birthday present, EVER!!!!!!!
thanks again Cassie!! Oh, and PS. you've expired the excuse of "one of my co-workers was wondering...." blah blah. I've now caught on!!! LOL

A dozen cupcakes from DC/Georgetown Cupcakes! Ever watched that show on TLC?? If not, you're missing out!!!! These sisters are nuts and a whole lot of fun!!!! And I think I have every right to blame her for the 2 pounds I gained the past two weeks!
Putting my total weigh gain at 15 pounds so far this pregnancy! If I didn't feel 250lbs, I would jump up and cheer because I've managed my weight sooo much better this time around! *knock on wood*

On Saturday my hubby finally said good-bye to the mustang and finally got something that we all can ride in!
Landon just thinks his daddy is the coolest guy on the block now that he has a truck!!! And suddenly mommy's edge is soooo old news, and doesn't enjoy riding in it much anymore! Whatev ;)

Sunday my cousin Jason met us out at the Shrine to take maternity pictures for us. He just does it for fun outside of his full time job, and I think he is wasting his time working that job. He is an awesome photographer!!!!!!!!
I was extremely nervous about getting pictures taken. I feel absolutely huge, and he made me feel pretty! Ahhh, I love being able to say I feel pretty-- It has been A. LONG. TIME!!!
I'm sure most of you have seen them on Facebook, but here are a few of my favs :)
Landon did SO SO SO great. My mom came along with us to help with Landon since my experience with him at Portrait Innovations was a complete disaster, I knew I would need the help. But I can't even begin to tell you how good he did. There were some pictures he wasn't even suppose to be in--but he wanted up and sat next to me and looked at the camera and said "Cheese" I couldn't have been more proud :)

Even though he still says he doesn't want a sister. lol

It has been a pretty boring week for me. Landon and I have relaxed at home a majority of the time and I am back to work this evening!
34 weeks today, 42 days to go!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!
Our BBQ is Saturday, Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Confession Friday!

I confess I am stoked to meet a awesome group of girls tonight! Although I feel like I've known almost all of them all my life for the amount of time I spend stalking their facebook & blog.Bahaha! Yay for Bunco!!!!

I confessed I dialed 911 on my way home from work last night on either a 4 year old driving a car, or someone very intoxicated. There was a car in the right lane on the 4 lane interstate and I could see them swerving a little between lanes, and I thought since I needed to be in the very left lane, I thought I would be OK to pass him. WRONG. They ended up swerving through all 4 lanes and running me into the grassy median on 255 going 65mph.. SCARY. I was shaking for a hour afterwards.
I'm no angel, I'm guilty of driving drunk on many different occasions, but never like that. I would never get behind a wheel of a car if I couldn't keep it within 4 lanes on a interstate. that was just scary!!!

I confess this is my breakfast today. and I couldn't be more happy about it!! :)
Iced Caramel Coffee. Delish!

I confess someone asked me the other day how old I am going to be. I replied 25. WRONG. I'm 24 today. Duhhhhhh! I wonder how many people I told I was 24 over the last year. Ayi yi yi.. Mommy brain is a serious disorder!!

I confess I maxed out my very first credit card. Not proud one bit. Target, our relationship is officially over. I checked my balance last night and it is $3 away from it's limit. YIKES! I honestly had NO idea it was that high. I mean, I knew it was high...but not that high!!! So my goal is to not use it 1 time from now until Thanksgiving... in hopes I will have 3/4 of it paid off before Black Friday!!

I confess my $50 JCP Plum District gift card I got for $15 starts today. I was going to spend it on the kids (that so weird to say) but I'm being selfish and buying myself something!

I confess Landon woke up shouting "Parrrrttttyyy" which of course he meant "Happy Birthday" but I think it's a perfect excuse to throw myself a party.. I mean, I don't want to let a 2 year old down!!! ;)

I confess I am absolutely in love with Blake Shelton's new song- God gave me you. Take a listen for yourself. Love love love it! and love my hubby!!!!! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
See most of you tonight!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bump Update!

How Far Along: 33 weeks
dang, i look huge!!!!!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +13 lbs

Maternity Clothes: still a must. Very ready for normal clothes again!!!!

Gender: GIRL :)

Sleep: about 7-8 hours a night. Just wish I didn't wake up every time I had to roll over.

What I miss: having energy, being able to bend over, wrestling with Landon without fear of getting hurt. lol

Cravings: ICE! I'm obsessed with chewing on ice lately.!

Symptoms: Other than getting kicked every 2 minutes, still feeling pretty normal!

Best Moment this week: watching my baby hold a baby for the first time.. granted it was a fake baby, but it was still special. He doesn't look very interested in the picture- because he was very distracted by the other kids holding their babies. lol
Another great moment this week- My awesome friend Shannon gave me this brand new breast pump. I am extremely happy & excited to use it!

I sure do have some AMAZING friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Shan :)

49 days to go!!!!

My Dearest Target

Dear Target,
We have always had a great relationship. One of the reasons is because I absolutely LOVE your diapers. But lately I have questioned our relationship, and wonder if it's going to continue to work. You see, these two diapers were purchased at your store-
Both at the Belleville location to be exact, within a few days apart.
One is a size 6 and the other is a size 5.
I bet you're guessing the one on the left is the 6. and The one on the right is the 5.
Well, you're wrong.
Your package of size 6 is the same exact size as my youngest nephew's diapers.. which is a 4.
Please figure out what you did wrong so this mistake doesn't happen again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession Friday!

Eeeee. I confess I'm excited to do my confessions. It has been too long!

I confess working til 9pm on Thursday and being at work at 7am on Friday isn't as bad as I thought it was!

I confess that I set my alarm on my phone this morning for the first time since DECEMBER. and it didn't go off. Good thing my kid gets up at the butt crack of dawn. and by butt crack of dawn I mean 5am before the darn sun is even up! silly boy!!!!

I confess I stopped at McDonald's on my way to work today and got an non fat iced caramel coffee. Seriously Micky D's, I'll be seeing you ever Friday at 6:30am!!!!

I confess when I checked my email I had a coupon for a free burger and fries from Ruby Tuesdays and a free chocolate molten cake from Chili's for my birthday!! Woooooo! They sure know the way to a prego's heart!!! you better believe I'll be at both places before the 19th!!!
date night anyone????

I confess when I got home from work last night I climbed into bed and talked Danes head off for almost 2 hours. He kept saying "aren't you tired" I think that was his polite way of saying "shut up and go to sleep, i'm tired". You go 5 days without seeing someone that you've spent every single day with for the past almost 6 years! I had a lot to say! lol

I confess I truly have the best bff. hands down!
and with the help of her job, me and her could own the best business ever. bahaha. thanks Cass :)

I confess I gained 2.5lbs the past 2 weeks.. that is the same amount I gained at my last appointment.....over a 4 week period. whoops! So I'm up 13 lbs so far.

I confess our annual float trip is this weekend.. and we are missing it again!!!!!!! arggh. last time I will be pregnant in the summer. wait. last time being pregnant ever.. lol

I confess I've been having some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions the past week. I told doc and he said to just keep drinking lots of water.. but man, these things hurt!!! I remember getting them with Landon--but I don't remember them being painful!! Like I literally have to stop what I'm doing and try and catch my breath! ayi yi yi! 54 days to go!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
1 week til my Birthday & 1 week until bunco!!! I'm excited!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

well, hello there!

My husband is finally home from working 40+hours of overtime the past 5 days, and guess where I am..... Work!
BIG bummer. But I am so glad Daddy & Landon are getting their alone time in because man oh man, that little boy missed his Daddy SOOOOOOO much!! I think he asked me 3459837459237045 times the past 5 days where he was. And Last night he started saying "Oh, sowwwwwwyy baby" after every time I told him that he was working again. I guess I said "sorry baby, he's working" too many times & he picked up on it. broke my heart!! But he's finally home! HOORAY!

My awesome sister just ordered me a car seat cover so I don't have to bring Layla home in a blue car seat... and check it out.. (only change is the border of the canopy will be red)
Seriously, I'm IN LOVE with it!!!!!!!!
55 days and I get to use this bad boy!! :D

There has been no progress on Layla's room this week with the hubby working-- so still no pictures yet. We are having a BaByQ at our house on August 20th to help us get ready for Layla, and I might have to nail the door shut so no one sneaks in.. I know I'm silly, But I don't want anyone to see it until it's finished!! All is welcome to come! :)

My cousin Jason is planning on taking maternity pictures for us! I didn't have them done with Landon, and I am extremely nervous to get them done, but he is an awesome photographer so I know I shouldn't have anything to worry about. If only he could make my face not-so fat.. that would be great! lol

Hope I still have a few followers left.. I promise I will get in the swing of this working/mommy thing again and get back to blogging.
I work in the morning so I promise there will be a confession Friday this week! :D
Later Gator!