Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh hey there!

Hi Friends!
I haven't blogged in a long ass time. I miss everyone.
Life is pretty freaking crazy right now.
But I don't have the time, energy or strength to even being to explain right now.
Just hope you all are still here for me in the end!
I've been working crazy hours at work, and trying to get/stay happy.
I could really use some girl time..if anyone is open, let me know! ;)

I've started planning Landon's 3rd, YES THIRD, birthday! Only 2 months away!
He started soccer last week.
Let me tell you, that is the only place Landon listens at!
He does everything the coach says. and he's GOOD.
Momma is PROUD!!!!!

Layla turned 6 months!!! She is starting to push herself up and scoot a little bit.
Slow down baby...
She loves being outside and love EVERYTHING her big brother does. Landon jumps and she laughs for 5 minutes. It's hilarious and so damn cute!!!!

And lets just say, having 2 kids is SIMPLE when you have a older kid like Landon!
He loves to do everything for Lay!
This is the conversation Landon and I had last weekend driving down the road..
Landon: mommy, i love her.
Me: you love who?
Landon: Layla. I love her.
Me: Aww, she loves you too!!
Landon: I know, but I love her soooo much. she's my best friend.

Seriously. TEARS galore!
Love my kids so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try not to wait so long until my next post. We'll see!