Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 1

well here goes nothing... again.
This makes blog 2 for me! I never kept up with the 1st one, and i can't remember the link to save my life! Thanks to my friend Cassie, she has inspired me to start a new one!

Update on our family..

Landon is now 10 1/2 MONTHS OLD!!
Where did time go?! I think when I started the last blog he was 10 weeks old!!
He is a crazy mad man 24/7! lol He crawls faster than most adults can walk! 2 weeks ago he started to walk behind his toys! He'll be on his own on the go before we know it! He offically has 4 teeth!! The 2 bottom popped through together & so did the 2 top!!

I started planning his birthday party like 6 months ago! I'm just so excited.. I was in such a hurry to order all his birthday they are just sitting in my basement! :) O well! His party is at the park in Dupo, IL on June 13th!

We are planning a trip home very soon to see Nana B & Grandpa Craig! It has been since Christmas since they have all seen him, and he has changed soo much in just these last 4 months! We're so excited!!

We go to the park several times a week.. Landon LOVES to swing & just play around in the grass! :) Below is a picture of Landon on our picnic in Forest Park last weekend! :)

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Cassie said...

YAY! Good luck with the blog. It is so much fun to post everything.
I love your little family, just call me Morgan!! :)
Can't wait for the birthday party!!