Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm having a lay my head on the desk and nap, kind of day!

So what is 1 thing that can put this girl in a better mood......

(other than alcohol, only because it isn't allowed at work. hehe)

Yep, White Castle Cheeseburgers!!!!


Happy Day!


Cassie said...

ha, i just love how you take pictures of yourself at work! lol.
oh and where did you get that shirt? old navy? how come i can't find cute shirts at old navy, EVER! ugh. fml.

Kim Luke said...

ha! what else do I have to do???

yep, Old Navy! I just bought it last night. On Sale for $8.
It was next to the pajama pants, so it might be a pajama top?? lol whoops!