Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warning. This post is as hormonal as I am.

Hey Y'all!
Long time no see! This past week has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for this girl. Lets just say I hope this is the hormones finally leaving my body completely and I'll be back to normal soon.
Lets play catch up.

Thursday. the kids and I hung out at my girl friend Debbie's house. Lots of girl talk and Landon running around being a crazy kid.

Friday I worked then went on a much needed road trip with my BFF.
Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without her. Our conversations get so deep, then 2.5 seconds later we are laughing so hard it hurts.

Saturday the fam went shopping and had lunch at my favorite restaurant, sakura. then this momma got a new phone.. PTL PTL PTL.
I finally got my iPhone. and let's just say I am IN LOVE.
I tried taking a picture of Landon as soon as I got it.. instead of saying "cheese" like he normally does.. he says... "Hey, it flashed"

Not use to that are ya buddy! ;)
Then we headed to a birthday party at the bowling alley for Shebi. After that we had dinner at my moms house.

Sunday Landon woke up saying "wanna go bowling" since we didn't get to bowl at the party, we knew we had to take him.
He had so much fun. And he's a pretty damn good bowler. Well, when he is not kicking the ball down the lane.

Monday I went shopping for new jeans with my sister. 4 kids at the mall is no fun. but we managed. I found a pair of jeans that fit. and I'm going to brag for a second and say they are 2
SIZES SMALLER than the jeans I bought on NYE. Eeek. 15 pounds to go!
and because I was so excited about my jeans, I tried on a dress. And the second I put it on Landon said "Pretty mommy". This kid has never said a word about my clothes before, so I had to buy it.
here it is. now only if it would warm up so I can wear it!!
Then Dane and I went to the drunken fish to get our sushi fix. OMG. By far the best sushi I've ever had. I've been there a few times and let me tell you, they must be doing something different because it was fabulous! Or it could have been the bottle of wine I drank by myself.

Today Landon and I made cookies for his class.
They were suppose to be simple, but I sent Dane to the store to get things I needed... and well, he just sucks at grocery shopping. So I ended up making homemade sugar cookies and homemade frosting. And even though I had to go to a neighbor to borrow an egg, everything turned out great. I had awesome help! :)
I gave him a spoon of frosting and he kept licking it and shouting "I like it mommy, I like it!" haha love him! :)
Nana's party was of course awesome as usual. She always has so much fun things for the kiddos t do!
even Daddy stopped by the party for a minute!

Well you are basically caught up on my life the past week.
Nothing too exciting, but been busy busy busy.

And I have to add this.

I dropped a word on my facebook yesterday that I hate. HATE. But I truly felt it was the only word that was necessary for this person.
I don't want drama.. it gives me headaches and grey hair.
But if you mess with my children, you will unleash a person in me that you wish you'd never met.
I'm Just <span class=Sayin'">
you're doing a pretty damn good job so far on your own.

and well, I don't want to end this post on a bitchy note, so here ya go.
(i wanted for you to post this Cassie, because you didn't, I am. lol)

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Cute dress!

Cassie said...

yeah you rock that dress! super super jelly!!

i love that valentine's photo of you guys. too cute!!

and yes, don't hate me cuz i'm a little cooler. hilarious!

love you bff!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

You are soooo pretty, I love your dress :)) And I love your family Valentines party pic... how adorably cute!!

Happy V Day!!! xoxo

leclere87 said...

Love the dress!! and way to go on going down to jeans sizes!!!!! =)

Adrien said...

Ooh, I love the dress, too! I love this whole update, so many fun things. :)

I know how it feels to have someone say mean things about your kids. It sucks. People who put-down children are, in my opinion, just about the lowest scum of the earth. And that's all I'll say about THAT, cause it gets me really fired up.

Katie said...

Caaauuttee dress!! And Im pretty jealous of your tan.

So sweet that even Landon commented on your dress! :)

Kacie said...

I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!! Where did you get it? Or my goal can be to weigh what you weigh now so when you lose your 15 more and that dress is too big I can have it :)

Kim Luke said...

Dress is from Body Central. $26. get you one girrrl! :)

Adrien- I couldn't agree with you more!!

Katie said...

That dress is gorgeous! I hope the weather warms up so you can wear it soon, too!