Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swimsuits & Spray Tans

I don't mean to brag.. WAIT, YES I DO!
I will be here TOMORROW!!!
 I am SO EXCITED!! and so nervous. I was up again at 3 this morning thinking of everything I need to add to my suitcase. 

If you follow my IG, you already seen this. but for those that don't, here is a peek at my swimsuit.
I had it custom made on Etsy.com.
I found a swimsuit to cover my fat, and I feel GOOD in it!
Although I thought it was coral and leopard, I LOVE IT!!!
I've learned high waisted swimsuits aren't for everyone. but don't knock it til' you try it. especially if you don't have 2 babies! :)

Mani/Pedi. Check 

Months of tanning. Check

(Even got a spray tan last night to ensure I'm not the palest person in Mexico)
Since we're already talking about tans.. Let's talk about how I talked Dane into getting a spray tan last night.......
Lets just say I'm glad a lot of it washes off in the shower.
I have 5 coats on my face. He has 2. 
WHY his is face so much darker than mine?!?!!?!? LOLOL
(No we're not naked. I have a tube top on. lol)

He's going to kick my ass for posting this picture!

Hope everyone has a great week! I will play catch up on your blogs next week!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Yayayayayay....so excited for you!!! We have 12 days until our vacay and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT!!!

LOVE that suit, thanks to you I have been stalking etsy for swimsuits now. My husband will love you! Bahahaha!!!

Have a freaking blast and we will miss your face!!!


Cassie said...

bahahahaha dane looks hilarious.

have fun!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

OMG.... your spray tan pic is freakin hilarious!!!
I soooo wish we were going with you. I'm still not sure why I couldn't bump Scott off of that log??!!??
Have lots of fun and I can't wait to see you when you get back ;-)

The Pink Growl said...

I'm soooooo jealous! We need a girls trip like this! You are super cute in your swimsuit, but you are not fat so hush that little mouth. I literally laughed out loud...very loudly at Dane's spray tan face. HILARIOUS! Y'all have fun and be safe!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Super jealous of your vacation right now! I hope you have a wonderful time! I love the suit on you! And I agree with Nikki...you are NOT fat! That spray tan picture is too funny!

Shelby @ Stay Crafty My Friends said...

Love love love that swimsuit! It looks great on you!! Hope y'all have an amazing trip!! :)

NATALIE said...

Love that swimsuit, really cute!

I invite you to my blog.