Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid!

Today was my nephew & Landon's best friend Jayden's 2nd Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese! I honestly think everyone at the party had a blast. I seen every adult & kid playing for the entire 4 hours we were there! Landon loves the kiddy zone! He goes from toy to toy. Maaa & Daaa just follow behind making sure he's OK! He is becoming such a independent little man!! :)

Vroom Vroom. Jayden unwillingly taking Landon for a ride on his new motorcycle! He drove about 3 feet & said "Get Off Lannon!" We'll give it a couple days & they will be cruz'n all over the place together! :)


Cassie said...

stop it landon!! you are getting big too fast!!! slow down.
soooooo time for another one kim!!

Kim Luke said...

i agree that he is getting way to big too fast....another one....i just don't know. it scared the hell out of me to think of having another one...but then again i was scared shitless when i found out i was having him! lol who knows, we'll see i guess! :)