Friday, July 16, 2010

she works hard for the money.....

soo hard for it honey!! :)

Tuesday July 13th I had a job interview at Ace Grease Service in Millstadt. I got a call on the 14th saying I GOT THE JOB and I was going to start THE NEXT DAY!! So I had 24 hours to get prepared to go back to work FULL TIME and for reality to set in that Landon would be going to a daycare 40 hours a week. It definitely wasn't enough time to let it all sink in because I cried both morning on the way to work, and I cry just thinking about it! I know it will get easier...But right now, it is SO HARD! But since Dane's hours have been cut at the police station, we are struggling so bad. So I have to suck it up! I made it 2 days so far, my boss Chrisy is VERY nice! I really think I'm going to like it there! Look for new updates later...I'll be sure to let you know if I'm still enjoying it! :)

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