Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday!
It is absolutely beautiful outside!!
 I can't wait to get off work and spend the day with my kiddos!!!
I've been working a lot lately. 4 days off the past month.. but I can't complain, I'm money hungry!!
But I did get to spend Friday night & all Saturday with my babes!
they make my  <3  :) 
Have I mentioned how sweet Landon is to Layla?!?!

Ahh. lovie Landon <3 So big in his sunglasses!
He's caught on to my double flash on my phone. he'll cheese for the first flash then hide his face for the 2nd flash and says 'missed me'.
drives me bonkers! and he thinks it's hilarious.
i think this was picture 5. i turned the flash off.
mom 1 landon 0.
ha ha! ;)

'No mom, I want to wear this headband'
I have pictures coming soon of Layla's legs.
they look a little like this..
seriously, home girl has got CHUNK!!!!!

I have been facebook free for almost 24 hours.
I didn't think I'd ever be able to do it. but it's GONE!
not sure for how long, but expect a picture overload here on my blog. I have strict orders to upload pictures of the kiddos on here for family out of town!

Hope everyone gets out today and enjoys this nice weather!!!
Perfect day for a Sunday Funday... best friend?!?!?!


Meagan said...

Love your new header!!

Kim Luke said...

thank you <3

Shannon Snodgrass said...

We took Victoria to the doc yesterday for her 6 month check up, 16lbs 15oz, 26" long. WE MUST GET OUR CHUNKY MONKEYS TOGETHER!!! :))

Love, love, love pics of your kiddos! I can't believe how grown up Landon is looking. He's such a cutie!!