Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do you see this????
Landon getting his picture taken for a Holiday and he isn't crying!!!
And sis even gave a smile!
I may or may not have bribed him with a BIG basket full of toys if he smiled!
Mom- Smile Landon
Landon- Cheese....... MISSED ME!! 

He thought he was HOT STUFF walking through the mall.
He had 4 guys come up to him and give him knucks.
cracks me up!!!!!

  Sunday I was holding Lay and Landon's piece of cake, and I look down and Layla had her hand in the cake and put it right to her mouth..

She definitely just helped herself!! :))

Last night I did a little shopping. Found this skirt. wasn't too sure about it because it's much brighter in person than the picture...but the BFF reassured me that it was CAAUTE, so I bought it.

What do you think? Easter skirt?!?!

Happy Tuesday!!
I made a big girl decision today..... we'll see how it goes!! ;)



sblind2 said...

Landon is too stinkin cute!!

I love the skirt!!! Where did you find it at?

Good luck on the big girl decision

Meagan said...

I love the skirt too!! It would look super cute with some nude heels!!

Hope your decision turns out the way you want it to!

Kim Luke said...

Thanks ladies! Still no word yet on my decision. I'll be sure to share when I know more :)

The skirt is from Vanity at SOCO Mall. Never been in there before. Took 5 things into the fitting room and LOVED everything. I will for sure be going back!

blakeroy88 said...

Your kids are adorable!

Where did you go see the Easter bunny? I want to take Maggie before it is too late.

And that skirt is adorable! I envy you for rockin a skirt like that. Maggie wasnt too nice to my body :-/.

Let me know if you and your adorable kiddos ever want to go to the park with us and play!