Wednesday, August 25, 2010

everyday is more amazing than the last!!

Landon is 1 year, 2 months & 9 days old today, but who is counting.. :)

He is becoming such a little man & is so smart! He is running all over the place. He is a hard little guy to keep up with!! He can tell us where his belly is, he can stick his tounge out at people ha ha, he waves hi and bye, he can say “maaa and daaa” to the correct person, finally! I have been “DAAA” for the longest time! Lol.
Tonight he was sitting on my lap and I would say ONE, TWO, THREE… and at three he would fall backwards on to the couch.. after a couple times of doing it.. Landon started to count. He wasn’t saying the right words..sounded like baaa, boo, waaa. lol but he was trying and he knew exactly what to do on three. It was cute! :)

He is loving daycare!!! It took about 2 weeks for him to settle in at Nana's,but now he puts on his book bag, walks next door, walks up the steps & knocks on the door. Nana lets him in, takes off his book bag & he goes right to playing. so cute!!
I am OK with leaving him while I go to work. Some days are easier than others. Just the other day I was pulling out the drive way & Landon walked to the front door. I stopped in front and blew him a kiss & he blew one back to me. it was soooooooo cute. I cried the entire way to work!!! Like I said...some days are easier than others. lol

It’s the little things in life that truly mean so much!! I am one proud momma!!!

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