Sunday, August 15, 2010


This weekend Dane and I found our dream home in Waterloo!!!! I am sooo excited to move out of Cahokia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our home is still listed for sale, but we didn't want to lose the we put a home sale contingency contract on the house that gives us 90 days to do something with our home..if we don't sell it within that 90 days they will extend the contract another 90 days. i posted a ad on craigslist putting our home for rent. i really didn't want to deal with renting in Cahokia...BUT we are sooo excited to get in this new house we were pretty much do anything we can!!!
The house has been built the past few months, it isn't 100% complete.. but will be ready to move in the next few weeks. so that has really got us excited, and wanting to do something with our home in Cahokia ASAP!! so wish us luck & pray we get a buyer or renter SOON!!!

here is our new the waiting.. :)


Elli'smommy said...

Its beautiful Kim!! I wish you all the luck in the world on selling or renting your home and getting the new one. I know myself how great it feels to get out of Cahokia and into a nice bigger somewhat dream home :) you guys deserve it so good luck girly

Kim said...

Thank you Dani!!! It sure feels so great to have almost a step out of Cahokia..If only we could do something with this house.. We will see!