Wednesday, August 25, 2010

house update..

we found renters! YAY! They are actually the very first people we interviewed! We showed the house 3 times, and had about 10 calls on it in 2 days!! We called and cancelled a couple of the showings because we knew that we found the right people for the house. so hopefully they don't let us down!! We are waiting to hear back from the bank.. they say it should take about 3 weeks for everything to go through. which that will be 2 weeks. and we will be able to MOVE IN!!!! our renters are wanting to move in October 1st, so by the looks of it, September is going to be a crazy busy month for us! :) So excited!!!

Hopefully our friends and family don't run from us once its time to move. lol We sure could use the help moving and painting!!!
(hint hint Cassie, Kendra, Brandi, Terri.. lol love ya's!)

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