Friday, January 21, 2011

Confession Friday!!

* I confess that I haven't done a confession post since September 10th!!! Yikes!!

* I confess that I have 90% of Landon's Birthday decorations bought...and his party isn't until June. I just get sooo excited!!
*And I confess that I started on his guest list, 50 adults and 21 kids. I didn't think his 2nd birthday was going to be as big as his first, but how do you just not invite someone that you invited last year.

*I confess that I have done NOTHING with Landon's room since I taped it, prepping for paint. I still haven't even bought the paint! Ugh. lol

*I confess that Landon has attempted to say his first cuss word. It didn't sound like it, but I knew exactly what he was trying to say. He is mocking us a lot more lately.. I need to really learn to watch what I say!!!!

*I confess that I am OUT OF SHAPE. BAD!!!! Dane brought home a treadmill last week..(because I begged for it! lol) and I get on that thing thinking I am back in high school and can run the 7 minute mile again. NO WAY. I wanted to die after 3 minutes!!!!!

*I confess that I am soooooo EXCITED that my best friend Cassie is pregnant again!!!!! EEE! I just love babies!!! :))))))))

*I confess that I have a love for hot dogs and mustard that no one will ever understand... :)

I confessed enough... It's your turn!


Meagan said...

I confess that I bought some shirts for Keegan for next winter on clearance and I almost cried because I had to get an xs from the BOY department!!

Cassie said...

I confess that you may LOVE that I am pregnant, but come August you may want to never be my friend ever again. Serisouly, I could only imagine how pleasant I will be. lol.

Kim said...

omg Meagan!!! That would make me cry too!!!!

cassie- I can't wait!! Lol

Adrien said...

I confess that I'm having the SAME birthday dilemma as you. But I'm totally jealous of you for being so ahead of the game with decorations. I cannot commit to a theme for the life of me!

Pettijohn said...

I confess that Wyatts birthday is in May and I feel guilty for not buying anything yet and I keep putting it off, until it sneaks up on me and bites me in the ass.