Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has been OVER a month since my last post.

Sorry, I'm a slacker!!!!
I just sometimes wonder if anyone really cares what I really have to say, other than my BFF who gets mad when I don't blog. As if she doesn't know everything going on in my life already. lol
Anyways.. Let me catch you up on what you have missed this month.
I am staying at home with Landon again. HOORAY! I LOVE being a stay at home mommy.. but man oh man does it wear you out!!!
Landon is 19 months old!!!! 1-9. ugh! That means only 5 short months until my BABY is 2!!!!!! And boy does he have the attitude of a 2 year old. My kid hit terrible 2's 6 months early.. lets hope he is over this stage 6 months early too!

I think he sits in time out at least 5 times a day. But he usually doesn't mind just sitting there.. until I finally figured out why.... directly across the room from his timeout spot is a big mirror...which looks directly at the tv. he was sitting in time out this entire time watching tv, and i didn't know it!! LOL

See what I mean?!? Lesson learned. Landon has a new time out spot!!

Speaking of my almost 2 year old.... I have not done anything with his room since we moved in, other than put up his crib and hang his clothes. half of his things are still in boxes piled in his closest, he has NOTHING on the walls in his room...poor kid. So his NEW room is in the process of being done. and new room ='s no more crib :(( hello toddler bed! I cried when I ordered his bedding the other night. I just can't believe he is so big already!!!!!I am hoping to have it done in a month. Yes, I said a month. As much as I would LOVE to have it done in a week, We all know that isn't possible.. so why not aim big so I don't let myself down! lol The bedding, curtains and other things have been ordered and should be here this week!! But before anything, we will be painting those boring white walls!!!!

here are a few before pictures of his boring, abandoned room!!

We had one sick baby last week. :( Croup cough is not fun, let me tell you that. It has been almost 2 weeks since the first little cough, and that cough isn't so little anymore, and the runny nose won't seem to stop either. I can't wait for it to be fully gone!!!!!

my lovely hubby bought me a treadmill!! woohoo. im ready to lose some lb's before summer gets here!!!

My Grandfather Tom passed away yesterday. He is my dads step dad. I was really close to my grandmother and grandfather when I was little. I would spent weeks with them during the summer! I feel sooo bad because I haven't been out to see him in 6 years.. and It's so hard that I didn't get to say goodbye :( My grandmother was at work yesterday and my cousin Dalton who lives with them is the one that found him. He was using the phone, and when Dalton found him the phone had been on for 101 minutes.. So no one knows how long he had been gone for. The EMS workers didn't try to revive him. I went with my 2 sisters & brother out to spend time with her last night. I can't imagine losing my husband. I can't imagine going to bed and laying down in that big bed by myself. Ugh, breaks my heart!! :((

Ok, enough blogging for the day. see you next month. :)

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Adrien said...

No, don't wait a month to blog again!! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I have lost a lot of family members, and it never gets easier. :( Prayers to your family through this difficult time.

On a lighter note, um, you need to share Landon's bedroom transformation updates. We eat that stuff up around here, haha. Details, details!