Friday, January 28, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that I just got a pair of eyeglasses for free, just had to pay shipping and handling!!
So Excited! Thank you I hope you aren't a scam!! lol

*I confess that I am jealous of how creative some of my mommy friends are.

*I confess that I gave up drinking soda for a week..cold turkey, no caffeine. And I had the worlds worst headache for 4 days in a row and couldn't figure out why.. duh!!! (Thanks again Adrien!!!)

*I confess that Adrien Robert is pretty much my very own personal Doctor Phil. Seriously, I can pretty much ask her for advice for everything. lol

*I confess that all this talk about BSB and NKOTB, I really really really really want *Nsync to tour again!! Seriously, I've seen them 6 times and still remember it being the best concert. ever!!

*I confess that I got my Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail yesterday....and I wanted to throw my lunch up. This girl won't be in a swim suit this year. ugh.

*I confess that I've had a load of clothes in the dryer for 2 days. Whoops, I know what I'm doing after confessions.

*I confess that ALL I want for my birthday this year is Taylor Swift tickets. Glad my bff is by my side!!! :))

*I confess that I am dying to see the new show on Lifetime called One Born Every Minute. If you haven't seen the preview for it, Seriously google it. It looks sooo good!!!

*I confess that I walked past my wedding dress the other night, and it took everything in me not to stop and put it on. What would Dane think if he walked down to the basement and I was dancing around in my wedding dress. Bahaha!

*I confess that I can't wait for Valentines Day!! Im SO excited..and I just can't hide it... ok enough..

Bye! :)


Meagan said...

I confess that I bought a pair of glasses too after I saw you post about it on FB and that I guessed at my prescription...hope I got it right! btw...Cornbread was talking about it this morning so I don't think it's a scam!

Sarah said...

I confess that I love that you joined the blog world again. haha

I've thought the same thing about my wedding dress. Too bad it is neatly pressed into a box and I will probably never open it again :(

Kim Luke said...

Yay Meagan! Thats where I heard it from too.. Im excited but nervous that I wont like them. I got a unisex pair, and that scares me lol
What pair did you get?

Thanks Sarah, Ive missed it! lol
I never got my dress pressed, its still in the bag that it came in. haa! whoops!
Have you ever seen trash the dress pictures? I want to do that soo bad!!!

Meagan said...

I got the Lucky McKenzie ones. I'm just going to use them as an extra pair since I don't really need them but I couldn't pass it up for only $12.95!! I'm just really praying that I got my prescription right so it wasn't a total waste of money! lol

Adrien said...

Feelin' the love today! Haha. I confess that MY wedding dress is hanging in a closet at my in-law's, not even in a bag, and sporting all of the lovely black dirt on the bottom from my wedding day.

I confess that on my wedding night we got a hotel in St. Louis before leaving for our honeymoon the next evening, and I forgot to pack extra shoes. I walked out of that fancy place the next morning in blue jean shorts and sparkly high heels. I felt reeeally classy.