Friday, November 9, 2012

Confession Friday!

Confession Friday
I can't think of a better way to get back into blogging!
I swear I've been hiding under a rock from everyone. I've seen my best friend maybe TWICE. My sisters ONCE. My mom, umm I can't even think of the last time.
Life is busy, work is busy, my littles keep me busy!
But here I am.. coming back for more!
Lets do it!

I confess I was painting Lay's toes the other day and Landon asked me to paint his. Did I stop and explain to him that its for girls? Nope, I immediately started painting them.
Hey, at least they were blue.

I confess I LOVE my job. And I recently got a promotion. And I hate it.
Maybe I just haven't adjusted yet. I'm trying to give it time, but I want my old job back.

I confess I have been sick for 7 days now. 
And I took a sick day today. Only to find out 30 minutes before the shift starts that the person covering for me, can no longer. No shower. Hair pulled up in a messy bun, snotty nose, and I sound like a man. I'm sure they are happy to see me this morning.

I confess I have absolutely no plans this weekend, and I couldn't be happier about it.
Hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can take the kids to do something. 
The weather is going to be PERFECT!!!!!!!

I confess my kids are starting their 4TH daycare this YEAR next week. 
Sucks. This will be their first actual daycare (first non in-home) and I am EXTREMELY nervous about it!!!!

I confess I read every.single.comment on Living In Yellows "secrets" post.
I laughed so hard!!

I confess I *THINK* I decided on a blog name. (remember way back when....I asked for your opinions)
Thanks to everyone who emailed ideas!!!

I confess since having kids, I haven't given two shits about our dogs. SAD. I know. 
I'm not a anti-animal person. I just didn't want 2 pit bulls around my babies.
Something came over me yesterday and I just felt so much guilt. I went out and bought 2 of the biggest dog beds I could find and we gave them baths last night. They will be moving back upstairs. Poor dogs. I promise to be a better mommy to them.

I confess I am planning a trip to Nashville with a couple of AWESOME ladies. I am pumped!!!!!!!
Pumped to finally meet 1 of them, and pumped to go to Nashville for the first time! 

Happy Friday Y'all! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!
See you Monday for weekend wrap up!
(Don't hold your breath. I will try!)


Anonymous said...

About time you blog!!
Now stay around. haha

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Excited to hear your new blog name!