Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey, It's OK..

.... to spend the afternoon at the park to avoid cleaning the house!

.... to be jealous that my bf is going to the Oprah show with someone else..

.... to be bummed I can't drink at all the summer concerts. There is always next year, right!?!?

.... to admit I was in such a hurry to get Landon's room finished. and he has only slept in there once. well twice, if you count the nap right now.

.... to beg your husband to get you photoshop, and he finally does and I haven't figured out how to do anything with over 2 months. ugh, I just don't get it!!!!

.... to start decorating for Easter.. In February. I mean, C'mon.. Its 74 degrees out.. that makes it OK.. Right?!?!

This was fun!! I'll try to remember to do this next Thursday!!! :)


Meagan said...

It's ok to send an email out to people asking for money that they owe you & to sound kinda bitchy about it...even if it is only $5...and in my defense it's like 7 people!!

Kim Luke said...

Girl, I would have done the exact same thing!!