Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello evening can leave at anytime!!!

I had such a easy pregnancy with Landon. I truly thought this one was going to be the exact same. the first 8 weeks I felt normal...well exactly the same as I did with Landon at least. Boy was I wrong. This week I have felt nauseous every night from 4-9pm. No fun! and last night, it finally got the best of me. I spent a hour in the bathroom throwing up (TMI) everything I've had to eat the last week. at least that's what it felt like.

So anyways. Landon and I slept up in the guest room last night because Daddy has the flu bug. yep, that's 2 of us fighting over the bathroom! no fun at all!!

Thursday we wake up, the sun is shining & we are feeling wonderful!!!! Daddy goes into work a little late and Landon & I head off to Bobecks for lunch with Maw Maw Maw Maw, Aunt Brandi, Jayden & Julian.

Finally. FRIED PICKLES!!!!!

not to mention the waitress messed up my order. twice. how hard is it to make tacos. really? O well. So we boxed up our food and left. This momma needed some fresh air! So Landon and I went driving..searching for a park. & this is what we found...

Check out the view from this park! So beautiful!!

Perfect excuse why the house is still a mess from the night before. Its just to pretty outside to spend the day inside!! :)

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Sarah said...

WooHoo!!!!!! I'm not the only one who has had a wayyyy worse pregnancy the second time around. Pish Posh to every woman who says their second pregnancy is a piece of cake lol. I'm half way through & still bffs with the john. I'm soooo tired of it. I want to EAT!!!!!

That park is ADORABLE!!