Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I had a blast at the Miranda Lambert concert with the girls...even with NO ALCOHOL involved!! whoop!!

I confess that I've been called a bully. I don't think I have ever really "bullied" anyone around, I just stand up for myself and my friends. I guess if that makes me a bully, then o well, so be it.

I confess that there are very few people in this world that I can honestly say I trust. And as for everyone else, well.. you suck!!

I confess that my hubby and I are going out on our SECOND date this MONTH!! yes, you heard that right!! Tomorrow night we are going to dinner & a movie again! Starting to feel like the old days again!!!!

I confess that I ate Del-Taco at midnight last night, and I woke up this morning with no shit up my back. (Bahahaha Katie!!!) OK, Sorry that was gross.. long story!

I confess that I am dying to know the sex of my baby, but in the back of my mind.. I really would LOVE to not find out. I just can't imagine going into the delivery room so unprepared. that scares me.

I confess that my match-making has truly worked! I really think Landon loves Stella! Last night when Cassie picked me up, Landon was like "Stella, Stella, Stella" then went to the window to look for her and then the front door. He couldn't figure out why Cassie was here, with no Stella. lol too cute! :)

I confess that the #1 and probably only reason why I would like to go back to work is so I can blog more. baha, horrible right!

I confess that I HATE this weather. I am so ready for spring!! not 70 degree weather, then snow. then 70 degree..... you get the picture!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


Cassie said...

I confess that I feel like ass today and I DID not even drink a drop last night.

I confess that Del-Taco wasreally good last night, but MUCH better when you are wasted.

I confess that you are the best bff EVAH!! Love u.

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that when I read your bully confession, I almost laughed out loud. I don't even know you but you do not seem like the kind of person that would bully someone.

Meagan said...

I confess that I purposely did a shitty job on folding/taping table numbers together for my boss yesterday because I was pissed that I had to do it....there were 99 of them & have nothing to do with work!!!

Adrien said...

Oh my gosh gosh you're bully confession cracks me up, too!

I confess that I have been called a snob on more than one occasion and I can't figure it out! I also have TONS of people tell me, "Yeah, when I first met you I thought you were going to be really snotty, but then I got to know you and you're so not." But seriously, what kind of vibe am I throwing out there?? Drives me nuts.

Katie said...

Im sooo glad you woke up and everything was clean!! I was worried about you two. hahahah

I confess that I really wasnt much of a Miranda Lambert fan before last night. I just really like going to concerts. hahah

I confess that I knew probably 6 songs that she sang and I think Cassie turned around and looked at me in disappointment for every song I didnt know. :( Sorry!!!

I confess that I am 25 and NOT pregnant, and my lower back was KILLING me last night!!

Meagan said...

OMG...Adrien I get the same thing all the time!! I blame it on all of my facial expressions that I make and not knowing that I'm doing it!!

Heather Rahn said...

Meagan, Nicole and I were just discussing your facial expressions. She said you do a pretty mean stink eye that we might have to put to good use tonight it we run across Douchebag and his sidekick ButtFace.

Lara said...

I confess that I wish I was pregnant right now with all 10,000 people on my facebook but I know it will happen when the time is right.