Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is 9 weeks!
woo hoo!

almost 1/4 of the way done..


This week I have felt GREAT. Like I'm not even pregnant!!
Which is a HUGE step up from the last 2 weeks.
Nauseous for 2 weeks and vomiting for 2 nights = NO FUN!
I haven't had any crazy cravings this week.
Nothing like last week when I cried for 20 minutes in the bathtub because Dane wouldn't go get me fried pickles. yes, that happened.

Baby seems to be growing good because my jeans are getting TIGHT and they hurt!!! How can something the size of a large olive make me so fat. Guess its all my excessive eating. whoops.Even the rubber band trick isn't going to hold out much longer!!!
I dream about Baby almost every night. I am always laying in bed and just watching my belly move around. It feels so real in my dream. I felt Landon move around at 16 weeks. So about 7 more weeks until I feel it again. I am so excited!!!
On another note.
Landon has officially hit the TERRIBLE 2's. Full Force this week.
Monday for example. Crappy, Rainy day so I figured we would have a nice chill day at home. 9am I let the dogs out to do their business, 9:05 they are wanting back in. Our backyard isn't fenced in yet, so we have to keep them on leashes. They come to the backdoor and jump in so I can undo their leashes and they go to the basement. (we don't have a deck or stairs on the back door yet either.... we're getting there people, I promise) So anyways. Landon loves to throw the leashes outside once they are off the dogs and shuts the door & we are off to the next adventure. Well there he was holding the leashes as I put the dogs in the basement. I make it back to the kitchen. NO Landon. Back door is wide open. So I run to the backdoor and what do you know. Landon is running across the backyard in his jammies and socks. IN THE POURING RAIN!! He sees me coming over him and he runs even harder. We are almost to the neighbors yard before I finally caught up to him!!
Really Landon?!?!?! It's 40 degrees outside and its pouring. Why in the world would you think this is a good idea?!?!?
So I'm sure you can imagine how the rest of our day went.
Oh and his favorite word is NO.
Mommy-Landon, do you want to take a bath?
Landon- NO!
Mommy- Landon, Please don't climb on the table!
Landon- NO!
Mommy- Landon, please hand me the remote you just threw across the room.
Landon- NO!
UGH! I wanted for him to talk sooo bad. Now I just want to scream every time he tells me NO! So frustrating!!!!

PS. 2 days until Miranda Lambert!!!!! I am soo excited!!!!!


Adrien said...

Evelyn has started the "No" thing too, and I hate it. Only hers is like a "noooo" whine. Ugh.

We live on a fairly busy street, and Evie scares me because she likes to run off, too. Guess it's just that age!

Kim said...

Oh yes! Landon does the "noooooo" too! Ugh!!

Gotta love our crazy kiddos! I was not for the kid leashes... But I'm eating those words. Shouldn't have knocked it until I had a almost 2 year old!! Lol

Pettijohn said...

I feel you on the terrible twos!! Wyatt hit his and we have been doing time out and some butt spanking full force. I do not spank him much but when he starts hitting in a tantrum he knows what comes next now. My pants are also getting a little tight to from being pregnant and I started using my belly band. $20.00 at Target and it works great.

Kim Luke said...

I have a belly band. a girl i use to work with actually gave it to me... I can't seem to figure it out. or my body is just weird because it will not stay in one place. 5 minutes of wearing it and sitting down it is up under my boobs almost. lol not cool!

Rebecca Dinning said...

Kim this is some funny stuff...Ive never really looked at anyones blogs before..always seen them talked about on FB..Today i decided to look at yours...OMG the rain and lil man running in his Jammies..I laughed so hard i about peed my pants..hehehe....The life with a two year old..lol i hear ya!!! And yes i have two babies now!!! It is crazy for sure..But if you can handle terrible twos you can handle another baby .... Believe it or not my Jacob can be a really big help! And my babies are like 20 months apart... Jacob was still a baby himself when I had Nevaeh!!! You can do it..Your a great MOMMA!!!!