Friday, October 21, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I am at fault for Stella saying her first cuss word. Sorry Cass!!

I confess next week Lay turns 6 weeks! Which means Momma goes back to work! Thank god it's only 3 days a week.. I'm not ready to leave my babies!!!

I confess out of the 20 pounds I gained with Layla, I've lost 19 of them. STOKED. But not happy with the way my body looks!!!

I confess I'm excited about Bunco tonight!!! And even more excited to have a drink!!

I confess I really want to get a boob job. but seeing all the pain my sister has been in this week, I
don't know if it's worth it..

I confess I got my Breaking Dawn ticket! SO EXCITED! If anyone wants to go--buy a ticket for the theater in Waterloo & come along!

I confess Landon absolutely refuses to stay out of Layla's bassinet. He stands right next to it in the morning waiting for me to get her out so he can climb in.
I confess this reminds me of Landon & Stella. LOL
I confess I want to lose about 10 pounds in my face and get his haircut. love it.

Happy Friday Everyone!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!


Heather said...

Did you buy your Breaking Dawn ticket for the midnight showing of the first night???

I took off that next day just because of that. We are having a sisters night out.

Cassie said...

thank picture is TOTALLY landon and stella!! too funny!!

sblind2 said...

That haircut is could totally pull it off now!