Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin'

Definitely one of my favorite times of the year is to go pumpkin picking!
Landon's first Halloween we went to Eckarts in Belleville. He was only 4 months old, so of course he was too little to enjoy the activies and the pumpkins, so we stayed at the store!

a little peek at Landon's 1st Eckarts visit! :)
Crazy how fast time goes by!!!!

What we didn't know about Eckart's was how much there was to do for kids! Dane was off on Monday so we decided to head to Eckart's to get mums. We figured they would be super crowded so we did't plan on staying long. We got there around 10:30 and there were hardly any cars in the parking lot and we seen all they had for kids to do. I was shocked! I knew there were some activities, but as soon as Landon seen it all, he was SO excited! I knew what we were doing the rest of the afternoon!

I'd say this was his 2nd favorite thing to do.. 2 days later and he's still talking about riding the horse!

He spotted the Choo Choo before we were even in the parking lot, he LOVED it!
Even sister went along for the ride on the choo choo!

feeding the goats and he big hairy one "ate my finger" as Landon said. lol
apparently the goat thought his finger was a carrot! :)
cute :)

and this was Landon's favorite part of the entire day.
THE TRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For those of you that know Landon, know that he has a problem! Handy Manny and Tractors are his OBSESSION!!!
farmer in the making!?!

love my babies!!
I can't wait til next year when Layla can enjoy it all too!!!


Heather said...

Dear Kim,

I can't read your blog anymore. Your kids make my biological clock spin in circles.


Kim Luke said...

bahaha! thanks :)
you can always use a sperm donor! lol

I envy your nights out too! Tomorrow night can't come soon enough! It's been since the 1st week of January since I've been out!!!!!

Adrien said...

Ah, we are kindred spirits. :) Love those pictures of baby Landon. Brings back so many memories. I better stop now or I'm going to lose it.

Cassie said...

awwwwe, love love. i love your kiddos so much!!