Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Blog!

Hello Blog!
I have completely abandoned you. I have started probably 7 posts in the past 2 weeks and I haven't' had the time to finish any of them. SORRY
Let me catch you back up.

Layla turned 6 weeks old.

and she now weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces! She got 4 shots, 3 in the legs and 1 oral shot and she didn't cry AT ALL. Not even a little squeal to let us know that it hurt maybe just a little. NOTHING. Man, she is a tough little girl!

I went back to work on Wednesday. And did I choose a good time to come back. With the World Series in town, we were incredibly BUSY. Which made the time go by so fast and kept my mind off how much I missed my babies! Landon did SOOO good being dropped off. Didn't cry
or whine at all! Ever since he became a big brother, I think he aged 5 years! Crazy!!!

Friday I went to Reba with my bff Cassie, her sister Lacie & her bff Lisa! We had a great time!!! Singing and dancing the entire time. Next time we are definitely going to have to bedazzle everything we wear. Apparently that's the cool thing to do!!
Then we headed downtown to go celebrate the cards victory.

Way too many people and not enough beer. Waited 20 minutes in line for a beer at Paddy O's for them to say we're out of beer when were 3 people away, so we sat there for another 15 minutes until they restocked their
coolers. Get with it people, it's not like the crowd was a surprise!

Saturday my mom & I took the kids to the apple butter festival in Kimmswick. It was WAY crowded than last year. I didn't get to look at anything because people are rude to people with strollers. and there were so many old ladies pushing dog strollers.
SERIOUSLY, i know you love your dog. but when you know there are going to be 10,000 people at a festival, leave the little rats at home. I even seen 1 lady pushing a single stroller and pulling a double stroller. ALL FOR DOGS. ahhh! makes me want to scream. lol Next year the kids are definitely staying home with daddy!!

Sunday was my nephew Jasons 11th birthday party at Incredible Pizza. Layla hung out with grandma Debbie
while we let Landon run and play. Until Landon got extremely whines and didn't want anything to do with the place. I picked him up and realized he had a fever. So here we are on Halloween and my Handy Manny has a fever and runny nose :( As of this morning he said he didn't want to go trick or treating and he didn't want any candy (that's how you really know he is sick!) So we will see how he is feeling once he wakes up from his nap to see if we will be going out this evening!

My Candy Corn :)
My Handy Manny!
"Smile Princess"- Landon

and here are a few pictures of snacks Landon & I made for his Halloween party a Nana's..

Owl Cupcakes
and witch hats!

thank you pinterest for the ideas! :)

Hope everyone has a safe & Happy Halloween!!!


Heather said...


I LOVE that candy corn outfit. Such cute babies.

Heather said...

And don't get me started on the dogs at Kimmswick. I think I did a whole post on that last year.

Kim Luke said...

thank you! :)

And it was that bad last year too?!?!?! Maybe I just don't remember the dogs last year because I didn't have Landon with me so there was no stroller. but it was ridic. Their dog strollers were bigger than my baby stroller and they didn't care who they ran into. ahh! lol

Adrien said...

Yay for being back! I love those costumes - your kiddos are so adorable. I hope Landon feels better after nap time!

Anonymous said...

We all loved the cute cupcakes and cookies you made for our party, Thanks again. We cant wait to see what you are going to bring for the Thanksgiving party ( hint hint) ahaha
We are so happy that Landon and Layla are a part of our little bears.
Love yas

Lara said...

Layla's costume is too cute! And of course Landon is handy manny! Your kids are adorable!

Jackie said...

I just love LAyla's hair...its so cute! And the costumes....adorable!!!

sblind2 said...

Glad to see Landon felt better!! Those treats are so cute....I think I could even do those!! =)

Katie said...

That last picture of Landom and Layla...too CUTE!!! Frameable!