Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Winnings :))

Apparently I need to go out & buy a lottery ticket!
I've had some mighty good luck this week on giveaways!

Check out what I've won so far:

1st A personalized throw pillow!
(obviously this isn't my pillow, but it's an example :))

This was on Rikki Knight Photography's page. She hosted a auction for a family who recently lost their 4 month old daughter. I didn't care what I won in the auction, as long as I knew I was contributing something!

2. An Inner Beauty bracelet from Dig Deep Design, which was hosted by Erin from Living in Yellow!

3. This adorable Valentines Day hat from Hoo Loves You Baby, LLC.

La Fleur de Mon Coeur Boutique hosted an amazing giveaway on her blog with over 50 vendors!

4. 3rd time is a charm! Danica from Danicas Chic Bowtique had a giveaway today that all you had to do was comment your favorite thing from her shop. The winner was chosen by random.org and once she announced it, they had 3 minutes to claim it! Well, 2 went by and no one claimed it. I'm pretty sure I commented THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!! 2.5 seconds after she posted my name. Oh, and I was number 15. Told you that was my lucky number!!! ;)

5 & 6 were a trivia game over at Love By CC. If you guessed the correct answer to the trivia, you won! She has Tune-In Tuesdays every week. Check them out! They get pretty intense!!!!

Birdie Baby Boutique is hosting a giveaway that ends TOMORROW!!!!! If you haven't had a chance to enter it, DO IT!

TONS of different vendors donated to it and its all being given away to ONE person!!!!!!

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