Friday, January 27, 2012

rambling & a confession or 2!

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!!

I am down 2 more pounds.. that's a total of 31 pounds so far. 20 more to go!

I'm getting ready to set these mofo jean's on fire.
Never again will I wear them!!!

AND I colored my hair back to black. Can't tell much of a difference from this picture, but there is a difference. LOVING it!
I feel like a new person when I have a new hair color!!

Enough about me.

I still can't believe how big my baby is.
Slow down Landon!!!!!
We have had 4 successful nights of him sleeping in his own bed, upstairs in his room. He doesn't put up a fight as long as he has his crack. aka Handy Manny.

Ms Layla is rockin' this baby food stage!
Home girl will eat an entire jar with every single meal.
I couldn't shovel the bananas in fast enough the other morning, she ripped the spoon right out of my hand and decided to feed herself.

And Landon is such a big help. I never in a million years would have thought he would have been this big of a help!

I haven't confessed about anything lately, so let's see what I can come up with!

I confess I know you're probably sick of me talking about the concert, but it's NEXT WEEKEND. 8 FREAKING DAYS!!! and as excited as I am to go... I'm nervous about leaving my babies. My first overnight trip from Landon & Layla.. (well, 1st away from Landon other than when I was in the hospital)

I confess as much as I love being home with my babies most of the week, I am going to start looking for full time work again. With what I'm making and the cost of daycare, it isn't worth it. Anyone know of anything??

I confess Mardi Gras is coming up, and I've only been at night when the party is pretty much over. Anyone going this year or want to go with me?
Please :)

I confess I've got 3 birthday emails this week with coupons or
a % off my order. My birthday is in August, but thanks!

I confess my tanning package ends today. I might cry.

I confess I really think we should plan another BNO. Like soon!!
Maybe BNO Mardi Gras?? Heeyyyyy! ;)

Hope everyone had a chance to read my guest post on Kati J's blog this week, if not.. it's not too late. go on over & check it out!

Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

OMG...the birthday coupon thing...I've been getting them too!! I got a $10 off any purchase card in the mail from Victoria's Secret and it said "Happy Birthday". Birthday is in July.

Meagan said...

You look great!! What are you doing besides my fitness pal to lose the weight?!

Kim Luke said...

haha! WTF!
Super Jealous tho, all mine sucked!! I would have loved a VS coupon!

Happy Early birthday! ;)

Kim Luke said...

Thank you!
I just started walking and running on my treadmill this week. other than that it's been just MFP and counting my calories! It's unreal how many calories I was going over everyday and not even knowing it!

Katie said...

YAY Luke Family!! Momma is losing weight, Landon is sleeping in his room alone and Layla is taking over feeding time!

Adrien said...

Evie is very curious about who that boy in the bathtub is, haha. Layla looks adorable with that spoon in her mouth! And you look great!

Sarah said...

You look great!!! Save all YOUR fat jeans for me, because hopefully they will be my skinny jeans soon. lol.

What day is it?? I've never been either!! We could have a MDO!!

Kim Luke said...

YES Sarah!! February 18th! Save The Date!!!!!!

Kim Luke said...

and thank you girls for the compliments. it's truly my encouragement to keep going!!!! I'm determined to weigh 130!

Sarah said...

Booo, I have my cousin's bachelorette party that night and I'm the moh so I have to go :(

leclere87 said...

me taryn kati andrew my friend rhianna and her friend from work and my friend from work are all going to mardi gras if you would like to join meet us there or something!!!

Francis said...

Aw Layla is so cute. My daughters name us Layla too. ;)