Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I am proud to say my funk is officially gone.
Friday night the fam & I ordered Applebee's togo and watched a movie and laid around all night!
btw. Fright Night with Collin Farrell has been added to the top 5 worst movies I've ever seen. Total waste of 2 hours I will never get back. HORRIBLE!!!!
Saturday we were of course all awake 7:15. Landon doesn't believe in sleeping in anymore. If it was up to Layla, we'd sleep until 10. But Landon insist on leaning in her bassinet shouting "Layla's awake". She wasn't, but she is now. Once everyone was up and dressed, we headed to Old Navy, the Mall, Marshalls, Target, Best Buy then Wal-mart. Talk about exhausted. I was on the hunt for something cute for Lay's pictures today. After many hours of searching and buying things that I wasn't suppose to
who could pass on a new tummy mat?? Home girl hates tummy time.. I have to bribe her.
Handsome Landon. I had to bribe him with candy for this picture. The kid HATES his picture taken lately!

I got a couple of cute things for her.
We got a DVR burner and I am STOKED about it. 76 episodes of Handy Manny we are burning on dvd's for Landon to watch in his own room!!!!
Saturday night hubby made steaks, we won't get into how he made them, but they were edible pretty good.

Landon has been on a rampage this weekend, and Dane and I decided we sure could use a break so we called Shelbi Sunday morning & asked if she could babysit for a few hours.
he claims the sun was in his eyes, that he's really not disgusted with me. ;)
Better, I guess.
Dane & I got to enjoy a relaxing lunch at Red Lobster, then we met up with the Walter's
guess I need to get some sunglasses.. Love my bff!!
for some Bloody Marys, ice cold beer and margaritas that I didn't drink. Yes, I ordered a margarita and couldn't drink it. This momma was done for, but it was a great Sunday Funday!!

Today I woke up and surprisingly wasn't hung over. I think it was because I was in bed at 8:30 and got up at 1:30 to puke my guts out. HA!
It was such a nice day, Landon and I went on a walk while Daddy & Layla napped on the couch and then Faye & Kendra came over for a while to visit..
Layla had her 4 month pictures this evening at Creative Bent. I can not wait to see the pictures! Anna gave me a sneak peek at a couple, and I can't help but go EEEKKKKKKKK and AWWWWWWW. :)) Her work truly is amazing!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!


Lara said...

Can't wait to see how cute Layla's pictures are!

Adrien said...

No more funk - hooray! Can't wait to see those pics!