Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekend & Christmas all wrapped up into one!

Holy Food/Christmas Coma. 
I worked Christmas Eve and Yesterday but I did not have enough energy to do a post.
So, here is my long overdue wrap up!

Friday night was my work Christmas party. Low-Key party at our office. Lots of food and booze! We had a great time!

I have the best boss. Hands down!
Me & Kim with our Boss, Bill!
My Christmas card from B!
With a nice bonus
and this adorable North Face hat! LOVE!

After party with Berly!

Saturday we loaded up and headed out shopping. 
We took Landon to Rural King for the first time.
OMGosh. Tractors GALORE. Landon was loving every second of it.
And Santa was there.
Lay still wasn't a fan.
Then we went to Hooter's for lunch again. Landon's choice.
That's the only place he wants to go out to eat. SMH!!!!!!!

Then we headed to Toys R Us.
If anyone has a extra $170 and wants to buy Layla something, this is what she wants. 
SO stinkin' cute! She didn't want to get off.
She even did the arch her back, throw her head back when we took her off. Home girl has learned to throw fits. It ain't pretty.

Saturday night was a low key, dinner at home, snugglin night!
Absolutely loved it!
I attempted cooking crab legs for the first time.
Joe's Crab Shack ain't got nothin on me!
It was amazing! for about 1/4 of the price.

Sunday I had plans to finish my shopping. But I couldn't get out the door alone.

Little man wanted to spend the day with his momma. It made finishing shopping a little difficult, but I wasn't saying no.

We headed to target first and got Pop the Pig.
And Landon shouts across the store "look mom, You can see his wiener" 
omg. I died.
LMAO. Oh Landon!!
Of course we went somewhere that serves sweet tea. Only the best for the best!

After I got home, Dane took both kids back out shopping so I could start wrapping.
I filled my boot up
and made this...
turn into this
only took about 3 hours and a bottle of wine. 
Not too bad!

Christmas Eve with L&L :)
this was probably the hardest picture to get. Lay was pissy and Landon wanted to do his spiderman moves for the picture. lol

Christmas morning we were up bright and early and Landon's excitement for everything was absolutely priceless!!!!!!! 
They are definitely what keeps me going everyday! 
And Lay was worried about who was going to get Santa's left over cookies. Don't worry. She did!

After a long day spent with family and putting together toys, we called it night early and I was back to work the next day!

2 more Christmas parties this weekend. 
I don't know where we will put more toys!!!
Not a bad problem to have!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Sarah said...

Sounds like the Luke's had a great Christmas. Love Landon's face.

Erin said...

What a sweet card from your boss! Having a boss you like means SO MUCH!!

Not gonna lie- that pink barbie car is pretty darn amazing!!

Adrien said...

What a great boss! I'm glad you had such a great Christmas. :) And I've NEVER had crab legs. They look delicious!

Cassie said...

awwwww yay!!

i might have to come over for some crab legs. they looks pretty good!