Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Friday!!

                                                                 Hey Y'all! Happy Friday
Work has been CRAAAAAY! 
Stole this from my girl Nikki's blog! Check her out! She's ADORABLE, the sweetest girl EVER, and her pup is freaking caaaaaaute!!!!

Listening...Rihanna- Cheers. My weekend is about to start and my work Christmas party is tonight. Whoooooop!

Eating...Nothing. Saving my calories for drinks tonight! :)


Wearing...Jeans, tall brown FLAT boots and a brown sweater with a leopard necklace. love being comfy!

Feeling...Excited for the party tonight. Excited for Christmas next week!!!

Weather...COLD. Eff this cold weather!!!!!!!!!! and this wind blows. literally. drop 20 pounds over night. and no stretch marks. and big tits. geesh, nothing like a confidence boost Kim. 

Thinking...I need a part time job. December kicks my ass.  
also thinking i should send this to someone, but they stalk my blog.. so here ya go!

the last 15 minutes of work! my countdown to the Nashville trip, San Antonio and CANCUN!! 2013 sounds pretty amazeballs so far!!!


I'll be working Christmas Eve. BOO!

Merry Christmas!!!!!! 


Erin said...

Happy Friday to you!! Work has been crazy for me too- I'm so behind on blog reading! AH!

Enjoy your Christmas party tonight, I love that you're saving cals for tonight haha... I do the sameeee stuff! :)

Katie said...

Christmas with little ones is so much more exciting! My family needs to get on that baby bandwagon. Maybe 2013 will be our year!!

Speaking of little ones the first picture under 'my littles' is too stinkin cute

Have a Merry Christmas!

Cassie said...

bahahaha - love that ecard.

have fun tonight! you wearing that dress??

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Why do you have to write such nice things about she is going to start believing all of it!! :) Just kidding, love that chick too!

The purple Monster is my fave!!

Yay for 2013 trips!! I have 134 until Hawaii!! :)

Anonymous said...

That eCard is hysterical...LOVE it!!!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

That stinks that you have to work Christmas Eve!! :( I really hope you get to enjoy Christmas day OFF with your fam!!

Happy Holidays from a new follower...Looking forward to getting to know you!!

Jamie said...

I hate the cold too. Yuck.