Thursday, December 6, 2012

The end is near!

Why am I in such a great mood today?
Today I'm loving everything.
Especially loving that Landon is doing a little photo shoot with Stella today!!!! 
More details tomorrow!!

So how many of you are doing the plank challenge?
you know, 'Merry Planksmas'! 
Everyone is doing it!
 I've never planked before. 
This is the schedule you are supposed to follow:
Ignore the April.
I don't follow the times very well.
I started on the 3rd.
Day 1.
Day 2. I did 3 sets.
Day 3. + 5 girl pushups (lol) Kim made me do these!
Basically I'm just going to try and go longer than I did the day before.With NO rest day.
My abs (yes, they are hidden but I have them) are sore today!!!!
It's clearly doing something. 
Join the pain fun! 
Blog about it and upload your pictures on IG and tag #merryplanksmas

Today I got these beauty's in the mail.
A co-worker told Kim & I that we look like a zoo up here because of all of our animal print.
He's clearly jealous.

And a customer of ours bought this for me.
Yes, that's a leopard coach purse. and it's ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh I love it! and my new bubble necklace and my bootssssssss!!!!!
(I think I have a online shopping problem.. well, a shopping problem period)

I need to quit the shopping and start saving for THIS: 
In 139 days, my ass will be in the sand with a cold drink in BOTH hands!

Well it's back to work for me for a hour or so, then it's off to see Landon & Stella's little photo shoot! 
I'm so excited!!!!! :)

Tomorrow is 2 weeks until the end of the world.... 
What are your views on this?! Do you have anything planned to do before then?


Cassie said...

all kinds of good stuff!

crazy - 2 weeks. AHHHH! i know it's crazy but i KINDA believe it......

Kimberly Nagel said...

We should have done more push ups but we were drinking..and these pilots that keep ignoring me while im talking is pissing me off

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

LOVE the purse...then again I love anything with the name Coach on it...I have an addiction!! Planks are killer!!

Katie said...

wait. A customer bought you a Coach purse??!

Stella & Landon photo shoot :) hope we get to see pictures!!!

The Pink Growl said...

I told you you are supposed to share that purse with me! Love your boots too! I knew were supposed to be besties! XOXO

Adrien said...

Love all of your goodies! You probably know this already since you have an online shopping addition, haha...but Coach has been having some crazy good sales online. I just bought a wristlet last night for a gift exchange, and I'm secretly hoping I end up with it. :D

Kristin said...

loving that coach purse!! what a great gift!

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Oh my the world ending. I feel like people were freaking out about it way more last year than this year. I love your rain boots!

Melinda said...

Love that leopard print purse- gorgeous!