Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blast from the Past

Today sitting at my desk just thinking. I asked Kim, "what did I do before L&L"
Slept a lot more. Yes, that is one answer.
But really. I absolutely LOVE my life because of those two!
I am HAPPY because of them!! 
Would I be happy if I never had them? 
But my heart would not be filled with so much love and joy!!!!!

So with these thoughts in my mind. I decided to start looking through OLD pictures. I didn't go back too far.. maybe like 2005. I LOVE looking back at life the past few years. 
Let's flashback!

These are my girls!
As many of you know. /\ that's Cassie! 
We did a lot of drinking. A lot of parties, a lot of back roading, a lot of sneaking drinks into the football and basketball games. We always had a great time.. 
Even if I dated a CRAZY douche bag throughout my entire high school career.

and of course that's beer before our High School Graduation!

Then in 2006 I met this fella!
And for some reason I picked up singing karaoke. I never said I was good. Actually, I'm Terrible. 
But get a few beers in me and I sing away....
Then we had the bright idea to do Edward 40 Hands.
What is that you ask? See below.
I still believe Cassie cheated that night. Lol

I turned 21.
And got engaged.
And got pregnant.
 with twins.

Yes, we had sex before marriage. SHAME ON US.
Landon was conceived the evening of my bridal shower.
How do I know this you ask?
Well, because it was the ONE time we were not careful. 
So there I was 4 weeks prego at our wedding!
It was still an amazing day!!

This was pretty much all I got to do at our ALL INCLUSIVE hotel in Cabo.
Dane drank enough for the both of us though.
(remember when it was cool to right on pictures?? no? Maybe that was just me)

After a very complicated pregnancy, doc Snowden, aka best doctor in the world, 
placed this little man in my arms.
hands down, best moment of my entire life.

I look absolutely horrible, but this is probably my favorite picture of all time.
No words can explain this moment. it was just phenomenal!
and wooo! i was huge!!!

Just 1 day old.
We took our first (and only) family vacation.
As you can see in the picture, we went to Cocoa Beach, FL.
 Landon go to see the beach for the first time! He LOVED the sand!!!
And he met Spiderman.
First Christmas
First time playing in the snow! 
No more pictures mom.

He went to his first Cardinals game.

And got his first big boy bed.

Then announced to the world he was going to be a big brother.

And Stella took her first steps 
heheheh had to add this in. SOOO CUTE!!!!!

Landon became President.
Ok. Ok. Not really. 
but he would probably do a better job than what our current president is doing!
Then I got huge. Again.
Then the world's best doctor placed this little lady in my arms. 
She came out chubby and a shit ton of hair!!!!!!!
and both of my kids looked Asian  I even had a nurse ask me if the father of Layla was Asian. Baaaaaaaaaaaa. I laughed. 
But Don't you think they look a lot alike?!?!
it was love at first sight. 
And still BFF's 
(most days)

Is it bad that I say life before them didn't even matter?
 Ok. It did "matter". I had fun! It definitely made me who I am today...
But nothing will ever compare to the life with L&L!


Cassie said...

awww i love this! i was crying through the whole thing! a LOT has happened since 2005! I LOVE IT!!

even if there are HORRIBLE pictures of me on here.

PS - you forgot - you went to Cancun after graduation. lol.

Kim Luke said...

Do you have any of those pictures?!?!? I'd LOOOOOVE to do a blog post just on our Cancun trip!!! I'm going to have to look tonight!! LOL!!

Jackie said...

I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read... Even if I dated a CRAZY douche bag throughout my entire high school career. BAHAHAHA!

The Pink Growl said...

I loooove this little walk down memory lane! How sweet!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love, Love, Love this!! So much, it made me tear up. What a journey you all have been on and the best is yet to come ;-) Hang on and enjoy the ride!!! <3 xoxo

Adrien said...

I have very fond memories of so many of us being pregnant together for the very FIRST time! It was so nice to chat about everything we were going through. A lot has happened in just a few short years!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

What we seriously do without pictures to document our lives? Especially now with little ones. I think I would be devestated to not be able to relive the moments!

Amber said...

I didnt know you were pregnant with twins!! What happened!? I love your precious babes!!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a great recap!! your children are so precious!