Friday, February 22, 2013

Confession Friday!

Sorry guys, I've been a HORRIBLE blogger this week and last week!
Promise I will try harder!

Speaking of horrible. I hate snow. and I hate snow that has ice on top of it! I couldn't even drive my car today. It wouldn't have made it out of the drive way. So I'm stuck driving Dane's truck. OK, I admit, I enjoy driving his truck. And hey! Saves my gas! ;)

Lets confess!

I confess Landon is having his first sleep over tonight. Well, his cousins have spent the night before when he was younger.. but this is the first time he has asked for a specific person to come over and spend the night!

I confess I am probably more excited than he is!!!!! I LOVE SLEEPOVERS!!!!!!

I confess I have not purchased one thing online this week.
and its KILLING me, because I want this soooooo bad!!! 
I wear a medium, and that's sold out. 
But I'm pretty sure I would make the large fit if anyone wanted to buy it for me. :D

I confess I have 61 days until Cancun. And I'm going to some how lose 20 pounds.
I am going to attempt clean eating for the entire month of March.
Landon's going to hate this. He asks for McDonald's or Burger King daily!!!!
I can do this.

I confess I am heartbroken that today was Mason & Remy's last morning show!
 I'm not a fan of the new guy. And am sad I will be missing 3/4 of their show now because they are on while I am working. Wah!

I confess I have been having some crazy dreams lately. And I am super skinny in all of them. I guess when they say "in your dreams"...they really mean it.

I confess someone found this picture floating around on facebook..
Doesn't it look EXACTLY like Layla!!!!!!!!!! 

I want someone to get me one. Well, maybe. 
My favorite was 'your my favorite daddy in the whole white world'

I confess we are going to attempt Monkey Joe's tonight with 3 kids. Landon HATED it the first time we went. For some reason would not get in the bounce houses. And this is the kid that demanded a bounce house for his birthday, and he was the only kid who didn't get in it. SMH. Wish me luck!

I confess tomorrow night is date night.
Yep, that's 2 date nights in 1 week.

Have a great weekend!!
See you all Monday!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

No driving for me either this morning :( The hubs had to bring me to work. You can imagine our driveway in this mess??!!?? HATE IT!!

Those cakes are hilarious! I can't help it but I busted out laughing at the "Sorry I put it in your butt" cake. OMG... I DIE!!

Are you sure that's not Lay in the picture? It's scary how much they look a like!

Have a great date night love, xoxo

Adrien said...

Hope you have so much fun tonight!!

Amber said...

That is Layla's twin!! Yay for date night!!