Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap up!

Hey guys! 
Happy Monday!

Since my last post I confessed I had the itch to cut my hair.

Well, I did it!
Not as short as I originally wanted, but I cut off about 5 inches. and went darker with a hint of red.

can't see much of the red in this picture, but it's there.
I love it. And now I'm thinking about going shorter... Maybe. We'll see.

I did a little pre-spring cleaning last week. Well, sort of.
Cassie & Kendra came over and went through my clothes. 
I confess I have a shopping problem.
This is what they didn't take. 
I have so much to get rid of.
anyone need clothes? or maternity clothes? I have TONS!!!

Saturday night I joined Cass on Kacie's 30th birthday party bus that her hubby surprised her with! 
We hit every redneck bar in Randolph County.
Let me just say, my bff is very reserved. she is the mom every time we go out.
I think that's why were such great friends.
I'm the wild crazy one, and she is the calm one who makes sure things don't get out of control.
Lets just say, Saturday we were COMPLETELY opposite. 
She needed this. She deserved it! We had a BLAST!!!!!
Chicken Dance to Wagon Wheel.
God, I love her!
Even if it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get 1 good picture with her..

Ok, we got 1.
The bus was a blast!!
There were drunk girls getting thrown all over the place.  Lol
Bahaha. love you!

You know you're in redneck county when you walk into a bar and there are signs like this on the wall 

  Too much fun! 
I want a party bus for my 30th birthday. Or my 26th. Or any given weekend!!

I wrapped up my weekend with snuggles with L&L! 
They are seriously the best kids ever!!!

 Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

and a shout out to Mindy McCready.
Sad. But those poor babies!!!!
and why take out your dog too?? Crazy Bia!
But I still love this song. On repeat today.
RIP cray cray!


Ashley Barnhill said...

LOVE your hair cut! So cute!!

Martha said...

Came over from the hop-looks like y'all had a blast!!!! I wish I'd had a party bus for my 30th...

Martha said...

Came over from the hop-looks like y'all had a blast!!!! I wish I'd had a party bus for my 30th...

Cassie said...

oh my goodness!! that picture of me on the ground reminds me of how i got this crazy bruise on my leg now. ha.

thank you again for coming with me. love you!

ps - that picture of landon - bahahaahahha.

Kacie said...

Thank you for coming Kim! I had a blast :) I don't remember a lot, so sorry if I was crazy....I have a shit ton of bruises that I have no idea how I got....especially the elbow!

Lindsey said...

Your bangs are adorable! Love the cut! And those kids look like they are trouble....but it in the cutest way possible.

The Pink Growl said...

THIS POST is why I love Cassie! We all have our moments, right?? :)