Friday, August 26, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I had every intention on sharing Layla's room with the world today. It is about 90% of the way finished so I was going to get up early and take pictures and post them.. but when my alarm went off at 5:30, I decided that extra 20 minutes of sleep was much more important. sooo, you have to wait.
I will however share my absolute favorite part of her room....

I confess when Cassie said she didn't know how to use a breast pump, or even how to hold it.. This picture is all I could think about. LOL Easy enough, right Cass?
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ps. if my stomach looked like that after just having a kid, i'd love life. psht. whatever

I confess that today is my bff's due date! As excited as I am for her that the day is FINALLY here.. I feel so sorry for her. I know how exhausting the end is, and she needs a break soo bad. I hurt for her! :(( C'mon Henry!!!!!!!!

I confess NOTHING FITS. I am growing out of all my maternity clothes. My elastic panel on my jeans are soooo tight, I seriously feel like Layla is going to come out with a deformed head because they are pushing on my stomach so hard.

I confess after whining about being so fat yesterday and nothing fitting before going to work, I stopped and got a nutter butter blizzard. yep, that made me feel better!

I confess that typing Landon's birth story last night made me so emotional. I sat at my desk and cried like a baby! Why do they get so big, so fast?!?!?

I confess that there are some people that just don't know when to give up. If you put half as much effort into our friendship as you did your excuses, we would be great friends. I'm over it.

I confess Pinterest is helping me get through the work day..
Cassie- I finally figured it out...

seriously, I think I peed a little.
love this.

Happy Friday everyone!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!


Cassie said...

baahahaahah - that describes pinterest to a T!!! hilarious!!

thanks for feeling my pain. i know he will come out sooner or later.

i confess that in my next life i want to come back as my husband, because he doesn't have to do shit! ahhh, how i would love that.

Sarah said...

sounds like we have the same "friend" issues :(

I confess that your blizzard confession I awww'd, laughed, and cried. /gosh, is it possible my hormones are still out of whack?? You're almost there mama :)

Heather said...

Hahahaha...that picture of that little girl made me snort coffee into my brain. Thanks for that!

Shannon said...

I confess that I told my husband last night that I really, REALLY need him to come home. I'm so done and over this week it's not funny. I'm so exhausted!! I told him if he ever left me for a week while I was 8 1/2 months preggo again.... I WOULD CASTRATE HIM!! HA :-)

Meagan said...

That little girl totally made my day!

I confess that sometimes I'm that bad friend.....& sometimes I don't feel bad about it.

Erin said...

I confess I have a pic of myself when I was little that looks a LOT like that one. haha.. maybe I'll post it one day.
I confess I am thinking the EXACT same thing about one of my friends. NO I don't want a two page story on why you are ditching me.. it doesn't make me feel any better. Some people only care about themselves.

Adrien said...

Haha, this is a great post. Love what little bit we get to see of Layla's room!

I confess that I didn't know you wrote up Landon's birth story! Now I'm gong to have to go check it out!

Jen said...

i'm sorry to confess.....dude that is not what pumping looks like! it is much worse. and i'm not gonna lie, your nipps will look like tiny little sausages while doing it!

Meagan said...

Sausage looking nipples....what a visual!!! I will now only think of that when I hear anything about pumping!!!

Jackie said...

I agree....pumping is nothing like that! BAHAHAHA

That girl cracks me up...but pretty sure that will be my kid in a few years! HA