Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brother Bump vs. Sister Bump

Brother Bump vs. Sister Bump36 weeks with Landon!
36 weeks with Layla!

How Far Along: 36 weeks!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +18 lbs

Maternity Clothes: they are all getting too small. I'm down to a few shirts that fit comfortably and 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of capris. so if you see me wearing the same clothes over and over again, don't judge.

Sleep: lacking that a lot lately,. I am very uncomfortable. avg 4-5 hours a night

What I miss: beer. yep, I'm too the point where all I want is a beer!!!! lol

Cravings: Airheads. weird.

Symptoms: swelling, fat and just wore the heck out!!!!! Layla is measuring big according to doc, so at this rate--she might be coming sooner than we thought!!!! whoa, baby!

Best Moment this week: Henry being born! duh!!!!
and having weekly doctor appointments now, Finally being far along enough to get checked. even though I haven't made any progress yet.. there is always hope for next week!!!


Lara said...

My swelling started this week, it bites! Girl, your bump is so cute!

Kim Luke said...

swelling sucks!!!! mine started at 26 weeks with Landon up until the end.
It comes and goes with Layla. it's no where near as bad as it was last time, thank god!!

Adrien said...

Looks like you're carrying higher this time! I'm so jealous of your weight gain...pretty sure I had gained almost twice that much by then. Looking great!

Meagan said...

Umm....HUGE difference in the way you're carrying!

I'm with Adrien....completely jealous of your weight gain!! I've already gained more than you & I'm 10 weeks behind you!! WTF?!?!?

Kim Luke said...

It wasn't this way with Landon at all!!! At this time I had gained close to 50 pounds!! I'm not sure how it's so different this time! I eat all the time!! I guess I have Landon to thank! Lol

Sarah said...

Maybe it is true that you carry lower with a boy and higher with a girl! CRAZY!!!

Soooo excited for you!! It's almost time :)