Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession Friday!

Eeeee. I confess I'm excited to do my confessions. It has been too long!

I confess working til 9pm on Thursday and being at work at 7am on Friday isn't as bad as I thought it was!

I confess that I set my alarm on my phone this morning for the first time since DECEMBER. and it didn't go off. Good thing my kid gets up at the butt crack of dawn. and by butt crack of dawn I mean 5am before the darn sun is even up! silly boy!!!!

I confess I stopped at McDonald's on my way to work today and got an non fat iced caramel coffee. Seriously Micky D's, I'll be seeing you ever Friday at 6:30am!!!!

I confess when I checked my email I had a coupon for a free burger and fries from Ruby Tuesdays and a free chocolate molten cake from Chili's for my birthday!! Woooooo! They sure know the way to a prego's heart!!! you better believe I'll be at both places before the 19th!!!
date night anyone????

I confess when I got home from work last night I climbed into bed and talked Danes head off for almost 2 hours. He kept saying "aren't you tired" I think that was his polite way of saying "shut up and go to sleep, i'm tired". You go 5 days without seeing someone that you've spent every single day with for the past almost 6 years! I had a lot to say! lol

I confess I truly have the best bff. hands down!
and with the help of her job, me and her could own the best business ever. bahaha. thanks Cass :)

I confess I gained 2.5lbs the past 2 weeks.. that is the same amount I gained at my last appointment.....over a 4 week period. whoops! So I'm up 13 lbs so far.

I confess our annual float trip is this weekend.. and we are missing it again!!!!!!! arggh. last time I will be pregnant in the summer. wait. last time being pregnant ever.. lol

I confess I've been having some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions the past week. I told doc and he said to just keep drinking lots of water.. but man, these things hurt!!! I remember getting them with Landon--but I don't remember them being painful!! Like I literally have to stop what I'm doing and try and catch my breath! ayi yi yi! 54 days to go!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
1 week til my Birthday & 1 week until bunco!!! I'm excited!!!!!!!


Cassie said...

woohoo!! yay for blog posts from you. i was having withdraws!

i confess that if i didn't work in an office with mostly men i would totally walk around holding my crotch. man oh man this kid is just going to fall out!!

Kim Luke said...

hahaha!! I felt that way with Landon too! They are so right when they say boys carry lower. I feel like I sit with perfect posture all the time now because Layla is so high that she won't let me slouch anymore!
21 days to go!!! but I'd be ok with anytime after next week--you know, because Snowden is MIA til then!

Shannon said...

lol @ Cassie!

I confess that I look forward to your confession Fridays :-)

I read your confessions and think, did I just write this or is she reading my mind.... examples:

I confess that last night I talked and talked and talked so much at bedtime and Scott kept telling me, "I'm going to sleep now" (nice way of saying, please shut up) but I still kept talking and at one point, I'm sure I was talking to myself. lol

I confess that I've been having braxton hicks contractions too within the past week & 1/2.... ouchie!!! I've gotten a few in the middle of the night but mostly they seem to be in the evenings. They literally take my breath away so much I have to stop what I'm doing for a minute. Only 44 days to go... :-)

I confess that last week I was off of work and my ankles didn't swell 1 time... yay!!! I go back to work this week and you got it, CANKLES!! Lord have mercy, it looks like some other persons feet are attached to my legs. The only good thing, it gets me the BEST foot rub I could ever imagine....ahhhhh ;-)

I confess that I can't wait until Sunday and my baby shower. I'm so excited to spend time with all my family and friends :-)

Happy "almost" Birthday!!! xoxoxo

Adrien said...

I confess that when I read everyone else's confessions about their pregnancy weight gain I giggle, because I gained SO MUCH WEIGHT. Like, sometimes four or five pounds between two week appointments! So don't feel bad. :)

I confess that we had McDonald's for lunch three times this week. Shh...don't tell Eric!