Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Dearest Target

Dear Target,
We have always had a great relationship. One of the reasons is because I absolutely LOVE your diapers. But lately I have questioned our relationship, and wonder if it's going to continue to work. You see, these two diapers were purchased at your store-
Both at the Belleville location to be exact, within a few days apart.
One is a size 6 and the other is a size 5.
I bet you're guessing the one on the left is the 6. and The one on the right is the 5.
Well, you're wrong.
Your package of size 6 is the same exact size as my youngest nephew's diapers.. which is a 4.
Please figure out what you did wrong so this mistake doesn't happen again.


Sarah said...

not cool. every once in awhile i get a defective diaper. ugggh nothing pisses me off worse. for real, those babies are expensive!

Heather said...

Wow. Was the whole package like that?

Kim Luke said...

Yep! The entire package! And we bought a new size 5 box last night, and they are smaller than those 6's!!! Arggghh'
! Looks like I have to find a new diaper!

Christine said...

I have some cheapo diapers that I'm using up and about 4-5 of them didn't have adhesive tabs on one side. WTF!

Kim Luke said...

Really?? That would make me so livid!!
I've had a couple break as I was putting them on. You would think they would make them a little more sturdy! They aren't cheap!!!