Friday, August 12, 2011

Confession Friday!

I confess I am stoked to meet a awesome group of girls tonight! Although I feel like I've known almost all of them all my life for the amount of time I spend stalking their facebook & blog.Bahaha! Yay for Bunco!!!!

I confessed I dialed 911 on my way home from work last night on either a 4 year old driving a car, or someone very intoxicated. There was a car in the right lane on the 4 lane interstate and I could see them swerving a little between lanes, and I thought since I needed to be in the very left lane, I thought I would be OK to pass him. WRONG. They ended up swerving through all 4 lanes and running me into the grassy median on 255 going 65mph.. SCARY. I was shaking for a hour afterwards.
I'm no angel, I'm guilty of driving drunk on many different occasions, but never like that. I would never get behind a wheel of a car if I couldn't keep it within 4 lanes on a interstate. that was just scary!!!

I confess this is my breakfast today. and I couldn't be more happy about it!! :)
Iced Caramel Coffee. Delish!

I confess someone asked me the other day how old I am going to be. I replied 25. WRONG. I'm 24 today. Duhhhhhh! I wonder how many people I told I was 24 over the last year. Ayi yi yi.. Mommy brain is a serious disorder!!

I confess I maxed out my very first credit card. Not proud one bit. Target, our relationship is officially over. I checked my balance last night and it is $3 away from it's limit. YIKES! I honestly had NO idea it was that high. I mean, I knew it was high...but not that high!!! So my goal is to not use it 1 time from now until Thanksgiving... in hopes I will have 3/4 of it paid off before Black Friday!!

I confess my $50 JCP Plum District gift card I got for $15 starts today. I was going to spend it on the kids (that so weird to say) but I'm being selfish and buying myself something!

I confess Landon woke up shouting "Parrrrttttyyy" which of course he meant "Happy Birthday" but I think it's a perfect excuse to throw myself a party.. I mean, I don't want to let a 2 year old down!!! ;)

I confess I am absolutely in love with Blake Shelton's new song- God gave me you. Take a listen for yourself. Love love love it! and love my hubby!!!!! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
See most of you tonight!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

LOVE that song!!!

&& don't worry. I have maxed out my credit card TWICE. whoopsie!!

Adrien said...

I confess there are days I WISH we had credit cards so I could do a little retail therapy whenever I pleased. Darn Dave Ramsey! :)

Happy Birthday again!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!! I thought you were 25 today.

I had never heard that Blake Shelton song. I love it!! Soo cute! Possible first dance song?? Maaybe. :)

I confess that I know what your birthday surprise is from Cassie and Im a little jealous.

Hope you have a good birthday!!!

Meagan said...

I confess that I forbid myself to get a target credit card because it would always be maxed!!